Animal Production Rental Equipment

Animal Production Rental Equipment

A subsection of agriculture, animal production refers to goods that come from animals, including leather, dairy, wool and meat. Animal products represent a significant portion of the agricultural product value in the United States, and animal production operations must be streamlined and efficient to maintain the animals' quality of life and generate quality products.

At The Cat® Rental Store, we display many options for rental equipment for animal production available through our worldwide dealer network. Our machinery will help you provide healthy nutrition resources and a stable environment for your livestock. Renting through us grants you access to a wide selection of equipment, available on a flexible timeline for a competitive price.

Rental Equipment for Animal Production at The Cat® Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store has worked with many animal production operations, so we understand what your industry needs for success. Our rental fleet includes the equipment and tools needed to complete the vital tasks required in your daily work.

Rent earthmoving equipment like excavators and dozers to install pens and fences on your property and keep your livestock contained. Our dealers' selection of multi terrain loadersskid steers and telehandlers can load and transport haybales for feeding, and you can use portable water trailers to ensure animals always have a water source no matter the environmental conditions.

The Cat Rental Store also helps you locate equipment to ensure your livestock's comfort. Climate control equipment like forced air heaters, air movers and fans can regulate the temperature in your barn, cowshed or stables. For cleaning, rent our cold water pressure washershot water pressure washers and air compressors. And if you have a power outage, your local Cat dealer can quickly deliver power generation equipment to provide the electricity you need.

We also offer several work tool attachments for specific machine capabilities, like bale grabs to gather bales for transportation, augers to drill holes for fencing and trenchers to lay water lines or cable.

Why Choose The Cat Rental Store?

The Cat Rental Store is dedicated to providing your operation with the equipment you need for special projects and regular maintenance. The advantages of working with our dealer network include:

  • Reliability: Before you check out your rental equipment, your trusted local dealer gives it a final inspection to verify it's ready to work hard and reliably.
  • Flexibility: Rental agreements made through a Cat dealer are adjustable to satisfy your terms. We offer animal production rental equipment by the day, week, month or beyond, so you can choose the timeline that is best for you.
  • Convenience: When you partner with your local Cat dealer through The Cat Rental Store, you secure the comprehensive support of experts in your area. If your rental requires repair or maintenance, or if you need technical support, they'll be there promptly to assist you.

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Choose The Cat Rental Store as your partner in finding rental equipment for your animal production applications. Browse our machinery available for rent and call 1-800-RENT-CAT to learn more about our equipment features. To request your rental today, complete our quick online form or find a dealer near you using our store locator.

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