Emergency Response Rental Equipment

Emergency Response Rental Equipment

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and fires can have serious impacts on communities and their local infrastructure — the power may go out, homes and businesses may become damaged, and other structures may be rendered unsafe. When an emergency occurs, you need to be prepared to pick up the pieces safely and efficiently. Whether you are a business owner or a restoration professional, the right equipment can help make your recovery a success.

At The Cat® Rental Store, we understand the importance of an organized emergency response effort. To assist communities and businesses recovering from disasters, we offer a range of emergency response rental equipment. We stock our rental fleet with everything you need to maintain business continuity and begin repairing damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Power Generation Equipment

Many natural disasters have the potential to damage power lines and cause power outages. Until the primary source of power can be restored, organizations need alternative ways to generate electricity. At The Cat Rental Store, we have a number of portable power generators for rent. Depending on your needs, you can use a portable generator to power heating and air conditioning, lighting, essential appliances or other emergency response equipment.

Our rental generators come in different configurations, sizes and power output capacities, so you can choose an option tailored to your unique requirements. Rental generators prove useful for businesses, municipalities, emergency response teams and even individual homeowners following a natural disaster.

Restoration Equipment

In addition to power generation equipment, we also offer the heavy equipment and tools restoration professionals need to repair buildings and infrastructure after the initial threat passes. Some of the emergency response rental equipment you'll find in our selection includes:

  • Pressure washers for efficient cleanup.
  • Portable pumps for dewatering applications.
  • Scissor lifts and boom lifts for lifting workers and materials.
  • Earthmoving equipment for cleanup and reconstruction.

Whether your company is tasked with fixing power lines, removing hazards or repairing structural damage, we can provide the products you need to get the job done while saving you money and offering much-needed support in a time of crisis.

Why Rent Emergency Response Equipment?

When disaster strikes, you need access to equipment immediately. If you don't already own emergency response equipment, renting provides the fastest, most affordable way to jumpstart the recovery process. Other benefits of rental equipment for emergency response include:

  • The ability to use low-hour, well-maintained machines.
  • Elimination of equipment storage and maintenance expenses.
  • Access to the latest technology and safety features.

Rely on The Cat® Rental Store for Emergency Rentals

At The Cat Rental Store, we provide the support our customers need to run successful emergency response and recovery efforts. In addition to rental equipment from trusted manufacturers, we provide operator training, on-site maintenance and around-the-clock technical support. With financing options and flexible rental terms, we're prepared to serve businesses large and small.

Rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes. To get started, view the equipment we have available online and contact us to request a quote today.

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