Events and Entertainment Rental Equipment

Events and Entertainment Rental Equipment

There are many factors to keep in mind when you manage an event. The process may involve inspecting and maintaining equipment, cleaning up a location, doing building maintenance, landscaping and more. Whatever the situation, The Cat® Rental Store has a piece of rental equipment that's in line with your quality standards. Our inventory of rental equipment for events will give you more flexibility and many opportunities to cut costs on the job.

Maintenance in the Entertainment Industry

Big entertainment events, venues and amusement parks call for careful monitoring and maintenance. When professionals work at events and entertainment centers, they usually prioritize safety, along with other important factors like cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.

Venues that hold large crowds of people need constant attention from maintenance and management professionals. With the right skills and equipment, you can make sure your project sites look and function at their best.

Find Rental Equipment for Events at The Cat® Rental Store

Whether you're handling lawncare for an outdoor event or testing the safety of entertainment structures and equipment, rentals can help you manage these applications more efficiently. At The Cat Rental Store, we have a massive inventory of rental equipment for all types of events. We carry everything from portable generators to backhoe loaders, so you're in good hands when you partner with us.

Other types of equipment we have in stock include material handlers, air compressors, aerial work platforms, pressure washers, utility vehicles and more. Our equipment is affordable, and we offer flexible terms so you can take on any event, whether you have an emergency shortage or a long-term festival coming up.

Save Money With High-Quality Rentals

By partnering with a rental dealer, you can expand your resources at a reasonable cost. If you manage a theme park, you may need different types of equipment at different times. Renting allows you to reap the benefits of high-quality equipment for as long as you need it. Some of these advantages include:

  • Improved organization and fleet management.
  • Better space and cost control.
  • Lower equipment maintenance and repair expenses.
  • Better versatility.
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced downtime.

Work With The Cat Rental Store Today

The Cat Rental Store is committed to making sure every event manager has the tools and equipment they need. Because we're available at more than 1,300 locations worldwide, you can find high-quality Cat rentals almost anywhere. There are several perks to working with us, such as:

  • 24/7 support: You can reach us 24 hours a day if you have questions or need assistance. We'll keep your operations up and running no matter what.
  • Operator training: Holding operator training sessions can be a great way to save time and maximize safety. You'll reduce risk on your job site, and your workers will feel more confident on the job.
  • Rental flexibility: Whether you need a piece of equipment for a day or for the whole season, we can develop a plan that fits your requirements.

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Proper management and maintenance strategies are essential to making sure that every event goes on without interruption. You want to be prepared for anything, so rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes. To learn more about the types of entertainment rental equipment we offer, call 1-800-RENT-CAT or request a quote online today.

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