Fluid Solutions Rental Equipment

Fluid Solutions Rental Equipment

To ensure safety and the swift transfer of fluids in the workplace, you need rugged equipment that can handle the job. Fluid solution rental equipment helps support your current fluid management systems, and it can reduce downtime during emergencies. The Cat® Rental Store operates at more than 1,300 dealerships worldwide so that regardless of the location or industry, you can stay on schedule and improve cost management.

The Demands of Fluid Management in Industrial Applications

If you work in construction, oil and gas, industrial maintenance or another high-demand industry, you likely handle wastewater and contaminated fluids on a regular basis. There are many considerations to keep in mind as you develop a fluid management strategy. It's important to keep operations flowing as smoothly as possible, and even more important to prioritize safety in facilities and on job sites.

Moving, storing and testing water requires critical thinking and attention to detail. With the affordable resources and backup options that become available through a reliable rental provider, you have more power when you handle waste and recycled fluids.

Enhance Your Management Strategies With Cat® Fluid Solutions

The Cat Rental Store is your source for almost every type of heavy equipment. We use reliable maintenance strategies and the latest technologies to keep all our rentals up to date, and we have a massive inventory you can browse through at any time. Some of the common types of fluid solutions we offer include:

  • Pumps: We have portable pumps, towable pumps and more for job site dewatering applications. These pumps can increase the mobility of your treatment and removal projects.
  • Water trucks and trailers: Water trucks and trailers are designed to provide an easy way for you to store and transport fluids. Some of our tanks can even hold over 5,000 gallons of water at once.
  • Power generation equipment: If an emergency pops up or you anticipate needing additional electricity for a project, it helps to have portable power on your side. We have a wide range of generator rentals to choose from.

You can browse our inventory now to find out what other types of fluid solution rental equipment we offer.

Improve Performance by Renting Equipment for Fluid Solutions

Teaming up with a rental provider can change the way you manage projects. When you add a rental strategy to your fluid applications, you can save time and secure 24/7 access to high-tech equipment. Rental equipment offers:

  • More options for a great price.
  • Flexibility for high-demand applications.
  • A safety net for emergencies and last-minute projects.
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs.
  • Lower storage and transportation costs.

How You Can Do More With The Cat Rental Store

When it comes to fluid transport, storage and filtration, you need a partner you can trust. At The Cat Rental Store, we support your business throughout the entirety of the rental, regardless of the terms. We offer both short- and long-term rentals, and our availability around the globe makes us easy to find.

In addition, we provide a variety of benefits, including operator training, 24-hour troubleshooting and on-site support. We'll make sure the rental delivers excellent performance from day one so you can stay safe and keep your projects on schedule.

Request a Quote for More Details

Rental equipment for fluid solutions gives you more freedom to choose the equipment you need, right when you need it. If you're interested in a specific rental, call 1-800-RENT-CAT or contact us online for a quote today.


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