Mining Rental Equipment

Mining Rental Equipment

In the mining industry, safety and efficiency are essential. Having reliable equipment on your side helps protect your budget by preventing costly mistakes and maximizing productivity. That’s why The Cat® Rental Store offers mining rental equipment from Caterpillar and other leading brands. Our more than 1,300 dealers located around the world work with all types of fleets, so you can trust us to deliver a mining solution that works for you.

The Demands of the Mining Industry

Mining involves the search for and removal of resources such as metals, clay and mineral deposits from the Earth. Due to our need for natural resources, mining is a large industry that has a significant impact on society.

A major factor to consider when you work in the mining industry is safety. You need access to equipment that uses the latest technology and meets the necessary standards of compliance. Heavy demands require you to work hard so your workers can deliver the best possible performance while staying safe.

Choose The Cat® Rental Store for All Your Mining Rental Needs

When you work on a mining job site, you need to know that your equipment can handle any demand. This is an industry that leaves little room for inconsistency or error, so we work hard to provide equipment options you can trust. Our maintenance and inspection processes keep our rentals up to date for your total peace of mind.

Whether you want to try a new model before making a long-term investment or you have an emergency equipment shortage, we can deliver rental solutions fast. Renting equipment for specific needs can help you cut back on expenses due to maintenance, transportation and liabilities.

Our Selection of Rental Equipment for Mining

Browse our extensive inventory to find a variety of rental equipment for mining applications. Some of our top mining solutions are earthmoving equipment. For example, we carry highwall miners, excavators, mining trucks, drills, draglines, hydraulic mining shovels, conveyor systems and more.

If you want to simplify the digging process or reduce your workers’ time underground, we have a piece of equipment that can meet your short-term and long-term needs. We also offer attachments and material handling equipment to help improve the efficiency of your mining projects.

Why Partner With Your Cat Dealer?

Partnering with a Cat® dealer near you gives you access to multiple advantages, including:

  • Last-minute availability: If you need rental equipment on the spot for urgent mining applications, we offer fast and convenient solutions. Our dealers deliver equipment quickly so you can minimize downtime in emergencies.
  • Flexibility: Our main goal is to help you succeed. We work within your parameters to develop a solution that works for your business.
  • Complete dealer support: Experts are available to answer your questions and respond to service requests at any time. We ensure that your rental delivers dependable service from start to finish.

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