Railroad Rental Equipment

Railroad Rental Equipment

The railroad industry dates back to the 1800s and is responsible for hauling freight between producers and customers. Railroad workers must take on many construction projects in the course of their work, including earthmoving, maintaining existing lines and installing new tracks, all of which need to be completed promptly to maximize productivity.

If you're looking for construction and earthmoving equipment for your railroad job site, The Cat® Rental Store has what you need. We will connect you with a knowledgeable local Cat dealer who can assess your project requirements and match you with rental equipment fit for the job.

Our Rental Equipment for Railroad Projects

The Cat Rental Store helps you find the railroad rental equipment you need for your short- and long-term projects. Our dealers provide:

  • Boom trucks: A boom truck has a hydraulic crane on a truck chassis. It uses the boom to transport heavy items to out-of-reach areas.
  • Knuckleboom loaders: Knuckleboom loaders have a boom and knuckle to pick up and move ties for transportation or maneuvering around the job site.
  • Sheet and pile drivers: These drivers propel sheet piles into the soil to support excavation projects.
  • Tampers: A rental tamper allows you to efficiently pack ballast under the railroad tracks for durability.
  • Undercutters: An undercutter machine cleans the railway track ballast — including stone, gravel and aggregate — of impurities.
  • Carts and trailers: Carts and trailers are convenient and versatile transportation vehicles enabling users to move equipment and materials to and from the job site.

Our general heavy equipment rentals are also applicable to many railroad industry applications. These options include:

  • Aerial lifts: An aerial lift can safely elevate workers and their gear for overhead work. Options in this category include boom lifts, scissor lifts and vertical personnel lifts.
  • Backhoe loaders: Backhoe loaders are multipurpose machines with a backhoe for digging and a bucket for material transportation.
  • Excavators: An excavator has a bucket attachment for efficient digging and relocating loose materials.
  • Wheel loaders: Wheel loaders feature a large bucket for digging with minimal breakout force.
  • Dump trucks: Dump trucks offer one of the most efficient methods for moving large quantities of loose material.

We also have several rail attachments to add unique capabilities to these machines.

Why Partner With The Cat® Rental Store?

Using The Cat Rental Store to find and browse your local railroad rental equipment dealer offers several benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Your Cat dealer's rental fleet includes equipment with the latest features, and their team is available 24/7 for support and assistance throughout your rental period.
  • Flexibility: Rent your railroad equipment by the day, week or month, or make another long-term arrangement. Our dealers let you pick the rental agreement that fits your project best.
  • Reliability: Before checkout, certified mechanics inspect each machine to make sure it meets our high performance and quality standards.

Browse Our Railroad Rental Equipment Options Online

The Cat Rental Store connects you to the equipment rentals you need to stay competitive in the railroad industry while completing projects on time. Look through our equipment options online, request a quote for your equipment rental or call 1-800-RENT-CAT to learn more about our product options. To speak with a professional in your area, use our website to find your local Cat dealer.

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