Highwall Miner Rentals

Companies that work in the mining industry understand the importance of having the right equipment for the job. With technological innovation comes more tools for extracting resources safely and efficiently. Cat® Highwall Mining Systems, for example, allows you to retrieve coal from horizontal seams adjacent to a surface-mined area without requiring any workers to go underground. These versatile systems can increase your team's productivity while keeping costs low.

At The Cat Rental Store, we offer Cat highwall miners and other products from more than 70 leading brands to help our customers take advantage of exceptional mining equipment whenever and wherever they need it.

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Why Consider a Highwall Miner Rental?

The HW300 highwall mining system is a machine designed to optimize highwall coal mining. Built for reliable performance in challenging conditions, the HW300 can penetrate up to 1,000 feet in a coal seam, allowing your crew to make the most of open cast, trench and contour mining environments.

Mining operations choose to rent highwall miners for a variety of reasons. They may need the equipment for a short-term project, or they may want to try the equipment in the field before deciding to buy it. When you rent an HW300 highwall miner from The Cat Rental Store, you'll have the opportunity to experience these benefits of the machine first-hand:

  • Reduced operating costs: The HW300 can complete an entire mining cycle with only three to four crew members present. Furthermore, the HW300 comes with features designed to improve mining efficiency, reducing cost per ton. These factors significantly reduce operating costs while increasing productivity.
  • Increased safety: When all tasks can be done from the surface, workers face fewer safety risks, and the ergonomic design of the HW300's climate-controlled cab further improves operator comfort.
  • High maneuverability: This highwall miner is highly maneuverable for its size. The self-propelled miner sits on four hydraulic tracks for onsite movement, and 360-degree rotation allows the machine to operate in tight spaces. The HW300 even disassembles into modular components for easy relocation and highway transportation.

Highwall Miner Rentals and Service You Can Rely On

At The Cat Rental Store, we know you need rental equipment you can count on to perform as expected for the duration of your project. That's why our product experts check the condition of every piece of equipment carefully before and after a rental. When you rent a highwall miner from us, you can feel confident that the machine will arrive in top working condition. 

To ensure you get the most out of your investment, we also offer onsite service and online support. We'll do everything we can to keep your operation running smoothly.

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A highwall miner rental has the potential to boost your operation's productivity and jumpstart its long-term success in the coal mining industry. With more than 1,300 locations, The Cat Rental Store makes it possible for teams around the world to experience these benefits. To get started, request a quote from us today.

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