Hydraulic Mining Shovel Rentals

To succeed in the mining industry, operations must maintain efficiency and safety in extremely challenging conditions. If you hope to contend with the heavy loads, fast working pace and rough environment found on a typical mining site, you need specialized equipment you trust to perform reliably.

For any surface mining application, consider having a hydraulic mining shovel onsite. These heavy-duty machines allow operators to move dirt, rocks and other materials effectively, exerting increased digging force and standing up to years of use. At The Cat® Rental Store, we offer mining shovel rentals so you can get the equipment you need to reach performance goals and grow your business.

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Why Consider a Mining Shovel Rental?

The right mining shovel rental can allow your team to work more quickly and safely in difficult conditions. Cat hydraulic mining shovels provide power, maneuverability and durability, as well as top-of-the-line safety technology to keep your operation protected and productive. The 6090 FS, our most powerful shovel, comes with features to help you tackle the toughest mining jobs, including an engine output of 4,500 horsepower and a bucket capacity of up to 55 cubic meters.

Companies may choose to rent mining equipment for a wide variety of reasons. You might decide to invest in mining shovel rental if:

  • You need a mining shovel to tackle a short-term mining job
  • You need an additional shovel to keep your work on schedule
  • You have a mining shovel in the shop and need a temporary replacement
  • You want to try a Cat mining shovel rental before deciding to buy

Access to rental equipment may also inform your decision. With more than 1,300 locations worldwide and a vast network of dealers, The Cat Rental Store makes it easy to get the mining shovel rentals you need, wherever and whenever you need them.

High-Performance Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store

At The Cat Rental Store, we offer rental mining equipment manufactured by Caterpillar and more than 70 other trusted brands. Our mining shovel rentals are constructed from the highest quality materials and maintained by our knowledgeable product experts, so you can count on your machine to perform well throughout your project. We also offer service in the field and support online as needed. This helps minimize unexpected downtime to keep your mining operation as productive and profitable as possible.

If you have questions about the 6090 FS hydraulic mining shovel or any of our other heavy equipment rental options, we are always available to answer them. We can even help track down a specific piece of mining equipment if you don't see what you're looking for in our selection.

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For mining shovel rentals that meet high expectations for performance in harsh conditions, trust The Cat Rental Store. Our team will do whatever it takes to get you the equipment you need to succeed in the mining industry. To learn more about pricing and availability, request a quote today.

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