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The realities of hard rock mining place many demands on workers and equipment. Whether your team mines gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc or another mineral resource, you need specialized underground mining equipment to extract it and transport it to the surface.

At The Cat® Rental Store, we know you have high expectations for your mining equipment's safety and performance. That's why we offer hard rock rental equipment with the latest technology, engineered to deliver low cost-per-ton hauling and other features you need to stay productive. With a network of dealers located around the world, we make it convenient to access the hard rock rentals you need.

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Underground Hard Rock Mining Rentals to Meet a Range of Needs

Our selection of hard rock rentals includes a variety of machines to meet different mining needs — we offer underground mining loaders, also called Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) loaders, underground mining trucks and other haulage systems, such as our rock flow system and rock straight system. These machines are built to provide optimal performance in the toughest working conditions.

Some of the benefits you can expect with one of our hard rock rentals include:

  • Power: Our mining loaders and underground mining trucks offer exceptional power and maneuverability. The AD60, for example, provides an impressive 776 horsepower.
  • Efficiency: Our underground mining machines and haulage systems keep cost-per-ton low by providing high payload capacity. The R3000H mining loader features a nominal payload capacity of 44,092 pounds, and our innovative Rock Flow System operates at 331 tons per hour.
  • Safety: These hard rock rentals come with durable frames that hold up under extreme forces and ergonomic designs that reduce operator fatigue, keeping workers safer and more comfortable in the workplace.

With these benefits, the right hard rock rental could improve your operation's productivity and help you meet key business goals. If you need help determining which product will best meet your needs, our knowledgeable experts are always available to assist you. We may even be able to locate a specific hard rock mining machine if you don't see what you're looking for in our selection.

Why Rent Hard Rock Mining Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store?

If you've decided to rent a piece of machinery, you need to find the right rental company. At The Cat Rental Store, we know you put a lot on the line every day and we make it our mission to back you up. To ensure you receive equipment that performs safely and reliably, we check every hard rock rental before and after we send it out. We also provide onsite service and online technical support to minimize costly downtime and help you get the most out of your investment.

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Our team will do whatever it takes to get you the hard rock rental equipment you need. Browse our selection below, and feel free to reach out with questions. To learn more about the options we have available, contact us to request a quote.

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