Underground Mining - Conveyor System Rentals

To succeed in the mining industry, your team must constantly strive to produce more and work more efficiently. The same applies to the equipment you use. A conveyor system plays an essential role in any mining operation, transporting products and other materials through the mine and up to the surface. A highly effective conveyor system can help your operation work faster and significantly increase productivity and profitability.

Whether you need a mining conveyor rental for a short-term project or to replace broken-down equipment on short notice, The Cat® Rental Store can provide an option to meet your needs. We have over 1,300 locations around the world, which makes it easy to get high-quality earthmoving and mining equipment rentals wherever your operation is located.

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Conveyor System Rental Options

At The Cat Rental Store, our selection includes mining conveyor rental options to meet the stringent requirements of underground mine operators. These conveyor systems are built for durability, with frames capable of withstanding challenging underground working conditions. They also feature reliable rolls and idlers, which allow you to move high volumes of material quickly without putting stress on the system.

We offer floor-mounted and roof-mounted options to meet different needs. Choose the structure that best matches your expectations for performance and configuration, and take advantage of our flexible rental terms to stay within your budget.

If you're not sure which conveyor rental option will work best for your application, feel free to contact us. Our helpful product experts can point you toward the best option. We can even track down a specific conveyor system if you don't see what you're looking for in our current selection.

Why Rent From The Cat® Rental Store?

We know you want more than top-of-the-line equipment when renting a mining conveyor — you also want a high level of service from a rental company you trust. At The Cat Rental Store, we pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to help you find the mining equipment you need to solve project-specific challenges and grow your business.

Unexpected downtime can be costly for an underground mining operation, so you need your conveyor to function properly around the clock. To ensure your mining conveyor rental performs safely and reliably, we check every system carefully before and after renting it out. If a breakdown does occur, we can also provide online support or emergency service. This can help you get the most utility out of your investment and keep things running smoothly at your work site.

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Like all products manufactured by Caterpillar, our mining conveyor systems offer superior power, durability and lifespan. With a conveyor rental from our selection, you can keep up with ambitious production schedules and tackle the challenges of an underground mining environment with confidence. 

Trust us to rent whatever you need since we do whatever it takes. For more information about the conveyor structures and systems we have available or to receive pricing information, fill out our online form to request a quote today.

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