Feller Buncher Rentals

You need reliable forestry equipment solutions that will give your organization the chance to progress and evolve. The Cat® Rental Store provides these solutions. We have a wide variety of feller buncher rentals available, all of which are capable of meeting a range of tree felling demands. If you’re taking on a new landscaping or forestry project, we can offer a feller buncher that has the technology, precision and power necessary to keep your operations running on schedule. Our products are flexible and easy to manage, making them a smart, economical choice for the industry.

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A Wide Selection of Feller Buncher Rentals

When you have a foresting job to do, count on our feller buncher equipment to help you complete the project quickly and effectively. Whether you’re clearing land for construction or harvesting timber for specific applications, we have a piece of equipment that will suit your organization’s needs. This machinery helps you take down small and large trees with improved safety and efficiency by cutting them at the stems and lifting them to the desired location.

Our inventory includes a selection of track feller bunchers and wheel feller bunchers. These machines provide the strength and space to hold multiple trees at one time. In addition, our wheel feller bunchers operate on wheels and offer close-up cutting capabilities. 

Meanwhile, products such as our 522B and 551 feller buncher rentals come with long arms and attachments that allow them to reach trees from a distance. This means that even if one of your workers is far away from a stem, they can still grab and cut it quickly. Several of our track feller buncher attachments have a reach of up to 26 or even 28 feet. 

Increase Project Efficiency With Cat® Feller Bunchers

In an era of advanced technology and high-efficiency industrial equipment, it’s important to keep up with all the latest changes. When you have an important job to do, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you have access to durable, trustworthy machinery. Cat track and wheel feller bunchers offer excellent user visibility and agility, allowing workers to operate on various types of terrain while handling the most demanding project requirements.

With the high-technology hydraulics and increased manageability of this equipment, you’ll be able to lift more and reduce downtime for your employees. This will help them cut and remove trees faster, giving you the opportunity to accomplish more during each day on-site. This boost to productivity will be great for your bottom line — and the money you save may free up your organization to make other long-term enhancements.

Rent a Feller Buncher From The Cat Rental Store

Your success is our success. At The Cat Rental Store, we’ll work to ensure you receive the right product, so browse through our selection of feller buncher rentals today or search for a location near you. If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT. Our team is waiting to serve you any day, any time, so rent today from the people who will put their all into your service.

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