Tree Spade Rentals

The tree nursery industry requires the use of specialized equipment to operate efficiently. If you need to relocate trees or large plants, a reliable tree spade is an essential tool. Vermeer manufactures a wide selection of high-quality tree spades to help you transport trees of various sizes. The Cat® Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for Vermeer tree spade rental units that can meet your temporary equipment needs. We have more than 1,300 locations worldwide to serve you.

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Our tree spade rental lineup includes:

TS20: The TS20 is a "mini" spade that can transport trees with trunks up to 2 inches in diameter. The narrow profile enables you to move the TS20 in between rows of plants or trees with ease, making it perfect for nursery use.

TS30: A Vermeer TS30 tree spade rental will allow you to dig, raise and transport trees up to 3 inches in diameter. The machine's four spades penetrate the ground to create a neatly formed root ball. Hydraulic cylinders make the tree spade easy to operate and maintain.

TS3300: The TS3300 is a compact, skid steer-mountable tree spade rental that can assist landscapers, arborists, nursery owners and orchard farmers. The narrow, open-frame design and short tower make the machine easy to maneuver between rows and under low-hanging limbs. Chain-drive hydraulic cylinders and replaceable wear bars reduce maintenance requirements.

TS44M: The trailer-mounted TS44M provides the benefit of portability — you can tow it around your property or to and from jobsites. Use it to move trees measuring up to 4 inches in diameter.

TS50M: This truck-mounted tree spade rental delivers the extra power and maneuverability required for landscape operations. The heavy-duty ground-penetrating spades can lift and relocate trees up to 5 inches in diameter.

What Is the Best Time to Consider a Tree Spade Rental?

A tree spade rental enables you to meet the demands of a special project or get a quick replacement for broken-down equipment. If cash is tight, but you need a tree spade right away, renting will provide a solution that preserves your business capital. Renting is also an excellent way to add to your fleet when your workload increases. And if you're on the fence about whether to purchase a specific tree spade, a rental allows you to try it out before you buy.

Why Should You Rent From Us?

Besides offering high-quality, thoroughly inspected equipment from Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers, the Cat Rental Store delivers top-notch service. We'll work with you to create a flexible daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rental arrangement that meets your needs and budget. We'll also take care of maintenance and repairs, including on-site emergency service to minimize downtime.

The Cat® Rental Store Can Help You Explore All Your Tree Spade Rental Options

The equipment experts at the Cat Rental Store can help you select the ideal tree spade rental. Give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT or contact us online to rent whatever you need today from the people who do whatever it takes.

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