Portable Welder Rentals

Do you need welding equipment in the field or at a remote jobsite? Portable welders give you the flexibility to take them wherever you go. The Cat® Rental Store can provide your company with portable welding equipment rentals that will meet your performance requirements. And with our competitive rates and client-focused business approach, you'll enjoy a smooth, seamless, cost-effective experience. We operate more than 1,300 locations in the U.S. and around the world — there's bound to be a store near you!

We Offer a Variety of Welder Rental Options

 At The Cat Rental Store, we strive to meet the equipment needs of companies across a wide spectrum of industries and applications, including construction, agriculture, forestry, energy, electrical, and many others. Our dealers carry equipment from Caterpillar and more than 70 other leading manufacturers with an excellent reputation for quality, performance, reliability, and safety.

We feature brand-name MIG and TIG welder rental equipment for a broad range of applications. Choose portable welder rentals in various power sources and output ranges to get a customized solution that delivers results for your projects.

Our selection includes welders with a range of outputs from 180 amps to 425 amps for various metal types and thicknesses. Choose from three power sources — gasoline, diesel, or electric. Each offers advantages depending on your needs. Gasoline allows you to control your costs, while diesel offers excellent power. Electric power is efficient and cost-effective.

With such an expansive lineup, you won’t need to look anywhere else for the right portable welder to rent for your applications.

A Welder Rental Can Provide an Excellent Solution for Your Company

A portable welder from The Cat Rental Store can benefit your business in many ways. You can rent one for as long as you need it, whether it's a day, week, month or longer. If you're experiencing a sudden spike in project volume or workload, renting provides a fast way to get the equipment you need to meet the demand.

You'll also avoid costs such as maintenance and storage, which can have a positive impact on your company's bottom line. And if one of the welders you already own breaks down, you can replace it quickly with a high-quality welder rental.

Here are a few industries that may benefit from a portable welder rental:

  • Construction: Construction crews may rent welders to work on structural steel in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects like pipelines.
  • Energy: Portable welders have applications in the energy industry. They're instrumental in building and maintaining power plants, including boiler components, turbine structures, and piping systems.
  • Agriculture: Farmers may use welders to perform various jobs, from mending broken parts on farm equipment to reinforcing structures like fencing and repairing grain storage silos, barns, and sheds.
  • Forestry: Infrastructure like bridges and walkways may need regular repair through welding. Other uses for welders include repairing sawmill equipment and transport gear like trailers.

Tips for Using a Welder Rental Safely

Welding equipment rental is ideal for skilled professionals who know the potential dangers of welding and take the necessary steps to ensure safety. Keep these factors in mind:

  • Gear: Welders should wear protective welding helmets, gloves, flame-resistant clothing, and steel-toed boots to protect against heat, sparks, UV radiation, and other hazards.
  • Airflow: The welding process generates harmful fumes, so airflow is essential. Work in a ventilated area and consider using exhaust fans.
  • Inspections: While The Cat Rental Store inspects every piece of equipment we rent, it's still helpful to perform a safety inspection each time you use a welder.

What Are the Benefits of Renting From The Cat® Rental Store?

Choosing the right welding equipment rental unit can be a challenge. The experts at any of our global locations can guide you through the entire selection process. We'll match your welder to the job you need to do. Once you find the unit you need, we offer flexible rental periods with affordable rates to help you manage your bottom line while renting.

We'll also take care of repairs and maintenance, giving you one less thing to worry about. Our technicians will even provide emergency service at your jobsite to keep you up and running. We're available throughout your rental period to answer questions and provide support so you can get the most from your rental investment.

And if you require a specific portable welder that's not in our current inventory, we can tap into our vast network to find it for you quickly. Our large network of locations means we have plenty of places to look for the equipment you need.

Contact Us for More Information on a Welder Rental Quote

Discover how a welding equipment rental from The Cat Rental Store can help you increase productivity and reduce your operating costs. Give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT for more information today. You can also check out our current rental options online at your convenience and contact us for a quick quote on our welders.