Floor Scrubber Rentals

A clean floor plays a key role in keeping a facility safe and presentable. Whether you run a commercial or public building or need a way to clean spaces after you complete construction work, a ride-on scrubber rental can make cleaning easier and more efficient. These self-propelled machines scrub floors using spinning brushes and other technology, removing dirt and debris effectively while saving water, detergent and energy.

At The Cat® Rental Store, our selection includes floor scrubber rentals suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so you can return your facility or work site to top condition whenever it becomes necessary.

Why Rent a Ride-On Floor Scrubber?

People decide to rent heavy-duty floor scrubbers for a variety of reasons. They may need to clean up after an event, complete a one-time cleaning project, temporarily replace owned equipment for regular cleaning purposes or require a floor scrubber on short notice. Some people may even choose to rent a floor scrubber to try out a particular model before making a purchasing decision.

A floor scrubber rental is appropriate for any application that requires you to deep clean an area or maintain a consistently neat and tidy environment. Floor scrubbers find use in schools, construction sites, commercial buildings and more. No matter why you decide to rent a ride-on floor scrubber, you can count on The Cat Rental Store to provide convenient access to some of the best equipment on the market. With more than 1,300 locations in our worldwide dealer network, we make it possible for companies and contractors to get the cleaning equipment they need, wherever they happen to need it.

High-Performance Floor Scrubber Rental Options

At The Cat Rental Store, we offer products manufactured by more than 70 leading brands, including Tennant and LayMor, two top manufacturers of ride-on scrubbers. In our selection, you'll find high-performance floor scrubber rentals engineered to provide:

  • Power: Our floor scrubber rentals provide powerful cleaning and engines. Diesel, gas and liquefied petroleum gas options are also available.
  • Efficiency: Although our ride-on scrubber rentals offer power, they are also designed to work efficiently. The Tennant T20 scrubber, for example, features innovative water-saving technology and recycles cleaning chemicals to reduce the cost of cleaning large areas.
  • Safety: These ride-on scrubbers keep operators safe by providing optimal visibility, intuitive controls and foot and leg protection. Plus, clean and dry floors can prevent falls and injuries for everyone onsite.

We have floor scrubber rental options suited to several demanding applications, including construction cleanup and preparation. However, we also understand that each customer has different needs. If you're not sure which floor scrubber will work best for you, our knowledgeable product experts can help. We may even be able to locate a specific piece of equipment if you don't see what you're looking for in our current selection.

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Whether you want an easier way to clean after a large event or convenient access to a scrubber that will keep your work site safe, The Cat Rental Store will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive the right floor scrubber rental for your needs. Learn more about our options and pricing by requesting a quote today.

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