Cold Planer Rentals

Cold planers, also known as asphalt milling machines, remove surface pavement or concrete, typically for recycling purposes. Caterpillar, a leading heavy equipment solutions provider for nearly a century, manufactures cold planers for a wide variety of applications.

If you're looking for a high-quality cold planer rental for your business, you've come to the right place. The Cat® Rental Store offers a wide selection of Cat milling machine rentals at competitive rates along with world-class service and support.

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Cat® Asphalt Milling Machine Rental for Your Application

A Cat cold planer rental features a technologically advanced rotor drive system that's the most efficient in the industry. It also provides high-precision control that produces clean milled surfaces. Examples of the high-performing Cat equipment in our milling machine rental lineup include:

  • PM102 Track: This Cat cold planer rental has a track undercarriage that provides exceptional traction and control. Designed for your most demanding pavement milling applications, the PM102 seamlessly combines advanced production capabilities with optimized performance.
  • PM622: The PM 622 is a maneuverable half-lane milling machine that can remove the full depth of asphalt or concrete with a single pass. The simplified operation also helps keep projects on schedule.
  • PM822: This Cat asphalt milling machine rental features a robust powertrain that produces a maximum milling speed of 328 feet per minute. It also offers an operating width of 9.27 feet and a maximum milling depth of 13 inches.
  • PM825: The PM825 provides an operating width of 10.03 feet, a milling width of 98.6 inches and a maximum milling speed of 328 feet per minute.

When Should You Consider a Cold Planer Rental for Your Company?

If you perform asphalt milling only occasionally, renting can provide a fast, convenient temporary equipment solution. It's ideal for both short- and long-term projects or for filling a void when a machine is in the shop for repairs. When you rent late-model equipment, you'll also get the latest features and enhancements that will increase your productivity. What's more, renting makes it easier to get the right tool for the task at hand, and you'll avoid maintenance and storage costs.

We Make Renting Cold Planers Quick and Easy

With more than 1,300 Cat Rental Store locations worldwide, you can benefit from a convenient renting experience with a trusted local equipment supplier. You'll find high-quality, thoroughly inspected machines in excellent operating condition. We'll also help you choose the best cold planer rental for your applications and budget, and we'll create a flexible, cost-effective daily, weekly, monthly or long-term renting arrangement that addresses your company's specific situation. We'll even take care of all maintenance and repairs for as long as you possess the cold planer.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Cat Cold Planer Rental Process

For more information or to get the rental process started, feel free to call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT. We also invite you to browse our entire milling machine rental inventory online. Contact us for a quick quote to rent the equipment you need to get the job done right.

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