Remixing Transfer Vehicle Rentals

Remixing transfer vehicles assist asphalt paver hoppers when accepting materials from live bottom or dump trucks. They operate independently of the paver, which facilitates a continuous, non-contact paving process that saves time and maximizes the results. By remixing hot asphalt just before feeding it to the paver, these efficient machines help prevent material segregation that often leads to pavement failure. 

If you're in the road construction business, you might need to rent remixing transfer vehicles to ensure the highest quality for your projects. The Cat® Rental Store is your full-service headquarters for remixing transfer vehicle rentals at competitive short- and long-term rates. Use them in tandem with an asphalt hopper rental to take your paving process to a higher level. 

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Advanced Remixed Transfer Vehicles From Elite Manufacturers

Every location of The Cat Rental Store offers a vast inventory of late-model equipment from Caterpillar and other industry-leading manufacturers. We make machine maintenance a top priority to ensure you get a product that's up to the challenge. You'll also get expert product selection guidance to help you make an informed renting decision for your company.

Our selection of remixing transfer vehicles for rent includes products by Weiler, a top producer of these machines and other essential paving equipment such as road wideners, commercial pavers and screeds. These units offer powerful, efficient Cat engines that ensure a fast working speed to reduce production times. Some models provide the flexibility to fit them with either a windrow or dump truck head. They can also pave over string lines or obstacles, as well as perform offset paving over barriers. 

Use Equipment Renting to Meet Your Business Objectives

Renting remixing transfer vehicles and other heavy machinery can help move your business forward in many ways. Some of the advantages include:

  • Increasing profitability via more effective project planning and budgeting
  • Saving on costs such as maintenance, repairs and storage
  • Using up-to-date technologies offers increased efficiency when compared to obsolete models
  • Getting immediate access to machines minimizes unproductive downtime
  • Choosing job-specific products allows you to make the right match between equipment and application
  • Eliminating purchasing mistakes by trying before buying

Discover What Makes Us Different From the Rest

The Cat Rental Store works hard to become a trusted partner in our customers' success. We've simplified the equipment renting process to save time and get the machine to your job site without delays. We also repair and maintain the rentals, giving you one less thing to worry about. Understanding the importance of job site safety, we offer on-site training for your operators. And with the availability of a dedicated hotline, you can reach us 24/7 whenever an emergency occurs. 

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Why not take a minute to check out our equipment fleet right now? Touch base with us at 1-800-RENT-CAT if you have questions or would like to learn more. Quick quotes are available online for your convenience. Rent what your company needs to keep moving forward from an equipment provider that will do whatever it takes.

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