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If you’re looking for an economical, efficient trench solution that will help reduce downtime and increase safety for your employees, consider renting a slide rail from The Cat® Rental Store. Our clients spend a huge amount of their time and effort working to optimize the productivity of their job sites and make them as secure as possible. That’s why we’re here — to help you make smart and informed decisions so your organization can thrive.

Slide rail rentals can come in handy for a variety of trench applications. We value advanced technology, energy-efficiency and safety, so enhance operations during your next project with one of our slide rail systems.

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Standards of work speed and safety for utility workers and excavators have risen over the years thanks to the development of new technologies and demands. The slide rail system is a high-efficiency product for workers who need trench shoring solutions. Our inventory selection includes both the SAFE-T-SHORE-SRUR-814KE-5 and the SAFE-T-SHORE-SRUR-TRIP-CP-36 systems. Some advantages of these pieces of equipment include:

  • Adaptability: Slide rail systems are modular in design and capable of adapting to fit many applications. While they come with multiple components, these are quick to install. If you need a shoring product that can handle a variety of configurations while supporting a range of soil conditions, we have the rental for you.
  • Component manageability: Each component of our slide rail rentals is relatively light and easy to transport. This makes slide rail systems more manageable than other types of solutions in the industry.
  • Optimal protection: You can count on our slide rail rentals to protect workers from cave-ins and other underground obstacles. The Cat Rental Store's products provide the latest in safety technology, so whatever the depth or scale of your project, we can deliver.
  • Cost-effectiveness: We know you value your budget and the profits you earn from each project. When you rent a slide rail system from The Cat Rental Store, the increased productivity and security will help lower the risk of downtime. Having the ability to work faster also means you can finish and move on to the next project sooner, which benefits your overall profits.

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Our slide rail rental products are equipped to support trenches during all types of utility installations and repairs. Each piece of equipment undergoes a detailed inspection process before and after it has been rented to ensure safety and performance. We’re flexible and willing to work with you to meet the needs of your organization, so feel free to reach out to us with questions at any time. Our professionals are available 24/7, so when we say any time, we mean it.

Our first priority is securing your job site with the ideal equipment and safety solutions. If you’re ready to try one of our slide rail rentals, contact us online today for a quick quote or find a dealer close by. Rent industrial equipment from us, and we'll do everything in our power to serve you.

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