Heavy equipment is a significant business investment. There are many factors you may need to consider when choosing the right machinery for your applications. Selecting a rental from The Cat® Rental Store offers a fast and reliable way to access complementary equipment. Whether you’re looking for air compressed power or cooling solutions, we can deliver a complementary equipment option to support your next project.

About Our Inventory of Complementary Equipment Rentals

If you work in a factory, on a large construction site or at a remote job site, our selection of complementary equipment rentals can help you get the job done. At The Cat Rental Store, we work closely with our clients to make sure they receive the tool or equipment that best suits their application. Some of the complementary equipment options that our dealers have available include:

  • Compressed air rentals: Making a Cat engine run consistently requires a reliable power source. From diesel and electric solutions to compressed air rentals, we have everything you need to keep your equipment operating smoothly. Our brand-name motors and rotary screw compressors are designed to optimize flow and pressure so you can get your project off the ground quickly and safely.
  • Temperature control rentals: We offer temperature control equipment of all sizes for many different types of applications. Our complementary solutions include cooling towers, heat exchangers, hoses, pumps, valves, diffusers, ductwork and air handlers.

How Renting Equipment Can Help You Grow Your Business

Rental equipment can be an excellent choice for those looking to invest in complementary equipment, since it helps save both time and money. Many contractors and businesses use complementary equipment solutions for small or specific project demands. Renting allows you to have the equipment you need for a set rental term, so you can use it without having to consider long-term storage or maintenance costs.

We know that staying ahead of the competition is paramount when you work in the heavy equipment industries. At The Cat Rental Store, it’s our mission to keep your operations going, even during urgent times. Rentals provide many convenient options, giving you an extra layer of support when you need it most.

Working with The Cat Rental Store offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • A vast global network of over 1,300 dealers
  • A wide variety of complementary equipment, wherever you go
  • Competitive prices and flexible rental terms
  • Rentals for both short-term and long-term projects
  • Delivery and pick-up options
  • Technologically advanced solutions
  • Onsite and online support

Contact The Cat® Rental Store to Request a Quote Today

Our inventory includes power and control equipment solutions you can rely on throughout the duration of your rental period. To learn more about our compressed air rentals and other complementary machinery options, reach out by calling 1-800-RENT-CAT or requesting a quote online. You can also check out our dealer locator to connect with a store in your area.


For reliable diesel, electric, & high pressure compressed air solutions, rent what you need – and get the expertise to handle everything from product assessment and selection to delivery and installation. We offer solutions for every need, no matter how large, complex, or urgent:

  • Products ranging from 185-1800 cfm with pressures from 100-500 psi
  • Spiral-drive and rotary screw compressors powered by Cat® diesel engines
  • High-efficiency electric motors delivering low-cost air at almost any flow and pressure


Whether you need solutions for a remote worksite, factory floor, corporate event space, or anything in between, we’ve got it in The Cat Rental Store dealer network. Trained experts will assess your situation and help you select from a wide range of products:

  • Temperature control equipment ranging in size from one to 500 tons
  • Ancillary equipment – cooling towers, air handlers, heat exchangers, ductwork, diffusers, pumps, hoses, and valves

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