ensuring continuous power

Pharmaceutical company Neolpharma Group’s facility in Puerto Rico has the advantage of the security and economic stability operating under a U.S. jurisdiction, with the greater fiscal autonomy and offshore tax benefits. Being subject to occasional weather extremes, it maintains its own standby power generation system.

The company stood to lose a substantial amount of inventory when Hurricane Maria devastated the island on Sept. 20. It was important to have power available to protect the product on site during the hurricane and afterward, to help resume operation as soon as possible.

Proper climate-controlled conditions are necessary to preserve drug inventory. To ensure continuous power, Neolpharma rented a Cat® XQ 2000 generator set from Rimco Cat that produces 2 MW of power. Rimco technicians helped install the large generator set housed in a trailer and get it running prior to the hurricane. Placing the unit inside an enclosed exterior courtyard helped shield it from sustained winds of 155 mph.

Going beyond the product

There was a real sense of urgency on the part of Rimco staff to make sure that we had our unit in operation as soon as possible,” said facility manager Geraldo Delgado. “We had great support—there was excellent coordination from their main office on down to the technical help we received on site.

Utilities supervisor Julio Miranda adds: “Rimco’s personnel have an excellent attitude. We joined efforts as a team and worked together to manage the critical situation. Without these Cat generators, we would not have been able to save the product we had in our warehouses. With the help of Rimco, we succeeded.”

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