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Preparing for Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico’s leading importer and distributor of high-end spirits, Mendez & Company is a fourth-generation company with a network of four warehouses and approximately $20 million in inventory. It also imports and supplies groceries and other foodstuffs throughout the island. Their warehouses run 24/7 in a temperature-controlled environment, so a constant source of power is critical.

Dire warnings as Hurricane Maria approached prompted Mendez to secure a backup generator to support its own standby power at a refrigerated warehouse facility. Rimco Cat was able to provide an 800 kW generator set in advance of the storm.

“They helped us select the best backup generator for our facility, and they helped us install the system,” said facility manager Eduardo Molina. “They helped us keep the generator running during the entire emergency, included special holidays in the middle of the crisis. During that entire time, they were right there with us.”

“When the hurricane hit, we inspected all of our facilities and everything was okay. Our operations continued to work as planned. The backup rental generator from Rimco Cat helped us make that happen along with the technical support and maintenance service they provided to us,” Collazo said.

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