Diagnostic equipment warrants highly reliable continuous power

Customer: Rebsamen Medical Center

Location: Jacksonsille, Arkansas

Customer Buisness Issue: Uninterruptible continuous power

Solution: One Cat® 300 kVA Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS)
One Cat® 350 kW generator set
Site evaluation and permitting
Delivery, setup and installation

Cat Dealer: J.A. Riggs
Little Rock, Arkansas


Power Need

The slightest power disturbance can take a healthcare facility off-line without notice. A power dip can corrupt databases and shut down sensitive digital equipment leaving patients, doctors and medical staff in a very critical position. Without power to ride through those crucial seconds of an outage until the generator comes on-line, the most modern, high-tech healthcare equipment is vulnerable to software or hardware damage.

Rebsamen Medical Center, an acute care facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas, recently purchased new MRI and CAT Scan equipment. This highly sophisticated, diagnostic equipment warranted a highly reliable power source.

“Power in central Arkansas can be unstable,” explains Ed Meharg, Director of Engineering for Rebsamen Medical Center. “We experience numerous power failures, from a fraction of a second to several hours,” he notes. “Even a short power glitch can wreak havoc on our sensitive diagnostic medical equipment.”


Meharg worked with J.A. Riggs, the authorized Caterpillar dealer of Arkansas for their quality power needs. To help ensure reliability, J.A. Riggs recommended a system consisting of a Cat 300 kVA UPS and a Cat 350 kW generator set. The UPS, for short-term outages and power conditioning, is modular and compact enough to easily fit into small spaces, computer rooms, switchgear rooms or outside containers. The generator set, for long-term outages, is integrated with the UPS to provide continuous, quality power throughout the hospital facility.


“We are always investigating new methods to address our critical power requirements beyond those required by NFPA, which cover emergency power at healthcare facilities,” notes Meharg.

Now, Rebsamen relies on their uninterruptible continuous power system from Caterpillar. The integrated Cat UPS and generator set provides Rebsamen, and many other hospital facilities like them, with the highest level of power quality and efficiency.

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