The Different Types of Aerial Lifts

Aerial lift equipment provides a reliable solution for working at heights. These machines feature extendable platforms that can accommodate workers and their tools and raise and lower both safely. Depending on the model involved, aerial lift uses can include servicing elevated telephone and cable lines, painting and performing maintenance on the exterior of buildings, window washing and tree trimming and harvesting.

What Are the Types of Aerial Lifts?

Some of the more common types of construction lifts and other aerial platforms include:

  • Scissor lifts: These units derive their name from the crisscrossed metal supports that expand during raising of the platform and contract during lowering. They enable workers to access hard-to-reach areas while providing excellent balance and stability. Scissor lift classifications include electric models for flat surfaces as well as rough terrain versions.
  • Material lifts: Material lifts typically contain adjustable forks or a platform to support and guide the load during raising, lowering and transporting. Models are available for applications such as installing and maintaining air ducts and light fixtures, serving as forklifts or hand trucks and setting up lights and sound systems at indoor and outdoor venues.
  • Boom lifts: Also known as cherry pickers, these aerial lift machines consist of a bucket or platform attached to a hydraulically powered crane system that enables workers to reach higher elevations. Options include straight telescopic booms that work well in outdoor areas for reaching places that aren't suitable for scaffolding and articulated knuckle booms that pivot for additional versatility and flexibility.
  • Vertical personnel lifts: Often referred to as man lifts, these one-person machines can elevate workers safely so that they can perform installation, restoration and maintenance jobs and light-duty construction. They typically feature enclosed platforms to prevent individuals from falling out. These personnel lifts are best-suited for working at heights of under 50 feet.

Explore the Advantages of Renting Aerial Lift Platforms for Your Business

Some companies may only need aerial lifts for special projects such as completing long overdue maintenance jobs or handling tree trimming during the summer. Others may require the machines to supplement their fleet to meet increased demand or temporarily replace a machine that's undergoing repairs. A rental can serve these purposes, and it also offers the opportunity to try out a machine before buying.

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