How Lift Rentals Improve Access

How Lift Rentals Improve Access

Aerial work platforms are standard equipment for tasks that require working safely at heights. These versatile machines raise and lower workers, goods and tools as needed when performing jobs such as order selection, building maintenance and repairs, electrical work and many others. With the wide variety of lifts available for rent, it's easy to find the right machine for a specific application. 

The primary reason that many companies rent lift equipment is to improve access. Without these machines, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for workers to reach elevated areas and perform their job duties. In addition to raising and lowering workers, several types of lifts offer the flexibility to maneuver them into the proper position. As a result, crews can do their work more productively, efficiently and safely. 

Regarding improved access, the benefits of lift rentals include:

  • Minimizing product damage: Using lifts in a material handling environment keeps workers from having to carry heavy items by hand. You'll experience fewer incidents of dropped goods that cause damage and result in product repair and replacement expenses.
  • Reduced risk of injury: Lifts offer a safe solution for working at elevation. High-quality aerial lifts help prevent falls, as well as injuries that occur due to drops or straining to reach items.
  • Increased productivity: By improving access, lifts allow employees to work faster. There is no need to climb ladders, and transporting goods mechanically instead of manually minimizes worker fatigue. Fresh employees get more done in less time and make fewer mistakes.
  • Better employee morale: Workers who can expend less effort and know they are safe while performing their jobs are happier and more motivated. Increased job satisfaction helps companies retain qualified workers and minimize turnover.
  • Boosting revenues: Using lift equipment will speed up your work processes. In a material handling environment, for example, you'll be able to fill orders more quickly and get them to your customers sooner. Your team will complete more projects during the workday, and the increased customer satisfaction can lead to more business for your company.

Industries That Benefit From Aerial Lift Rentals

The benefits for improved access are clear, and many industries can enjoy these advantages. Industries and applications for aerial lift rentals include:

  • General construction: Aerial lifts are paramount to many general construction applications, from installing ductwork to finishing drywall on high ceilings.
  • Electrical: Electricians often have to work in the ceiling to complete the requested work for clients, so access equipment is essential to the job.
  • Forestry and tree care: Whether you're trimming trees in a neighborhood or caring for them in public areas, aerial lifts offer the reach professionals need.
  • Warehouse and indoor retail: Packing plants and storage areas often have shelving from floor to ceiling, making aerial lifts useful for reaching stock items at the top.
  • Maintenance: General maintenance can include cleaning hard-to-reach areas or working with piping in the ceiling, so aerial lifts provide the access maintenance teams need.

Different applications require various height capabilities, angles and features. The broad selection of rentals at The Cat® Rental Store ensures you have what you need when you need it. If you're not sure what type of aerial lift you need for your industry use, our experts can point you in the right direction.

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As a full-service equipment provider, The Cat Rental Store helps with product selection, setting up a flexible rental agreement and arranging a pickup or delivery option that works for your company. We'll also provide timely maintenance and repair services to minimize downtime. 

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