What Is an Articulated Truck?

What Is an Articulated Truck?

In construction and demolition, hauling material is a big part of the job. Having the right equipment can help you get the job done quickly and easily. Articulated trucks are a popular choice for a range of hauling needs.

So, what is an articulated truck anyway? You may hear an articulated truck called a rock truck, and it consists of two sections — the front tractor and the back hauler. Unlike a rigid dump truck, the articulated version has a pivot joint between the tractor and the trailer, allowing the vehicle to turn more sharply and stay stable on rough terrain.

Hydraulic cylinders connect the back and front of these trucks, allowing for flexibility and stability as the hauler moves. This connection gives an articulated truck a wider range of motion and the ability to navigate challenging terrain as well as roads, making these construction site trucks helpful for many types of projects.

The Benefits of an Articulated Truck

Articulated trucks have an intelligent design that makes big jobs more manageable. Beneficial features of articulated trucks include:

  • Twist-free structure: Using a rigid truck to carry a heavy load over rough terrain can cause the frame to twist. When twisting occurs with a rigid truck, it becomes completely unusable. Articulated trucks have the flexibility to move over rugged spots without suffering damage, letting your operation keep moving.
  • High maneuverability: With tricky grades, rugged terrain and crowded job sites, maneuverability is a must. Articulated trucks can bend with the grades and bumps. Their large tires and lower center of gravity handle uneven terrain with ease. 
  • Versatility in adverse conditions: Articulated trucks also have the ability to handle all types of site conditions. They can safely maneuver on rocky and muddy ground, making them excellent for mining sites. These trucks are typically lighter than their rigid counterparts, so they won't sink into the mud and slow down after rainy weather.
  • Ease of use: High maneuverability on all types of terrain means articulated trucks are easier to use than rigid trucks. The hydraulic cylinders also make it easy for operators to make tight turns on crowded job sites. Meet your hauling needs and keep everyone safe throughout the day. Plus, these trucks have cabs designed for comfort to ensure workers can stay focused during long hours.
  • Added productivity: Since your operators can drive articulated trucks with ease, you can keep up with your production goals every day. Saved time means articulated trucks are an excellent investment.

Uses for an Articulated Truck

With all their benefits, articulated trucks have many applications. Generally, these trucks are ideal for hauling and dumping materials across a job site. Some industry applications include:

  • Construction: General construction comes with all types of hauling needs. With an articulated truck, you can get materials from A to B with ease and efficiency. Whether you're hauling debris away or bringing materials to the site, articulated trucks have you covered.
  • Mining: In the mining industry, sites are often muddy and rocky. Articulated trucks have the flexibility to navigate any type of terrain without twisting or getting stuck. Mining teams can count on these trucks to get the job done.
  • Demolition: Clearing the job site is one of the biggest jobs in demolition. With bulky materials like wood, steel and brick involved, you need a durable machine that can handle sizable capacities for hauling. Articulated trucks can rove over messy terrain during demolition and carry debris off the job site.

How to Choose the Right Articulated Truck

Knowing the benefits of an articulated truck, you might be ready to try one out. Choosing the right truck is about understanding your hauling needs. Articulated trucks are defined by their rated payload, or how much the hauler can carry. Payloads often range between 20 and 40 tons, and you need to operate within those constraints.

If you're hauling heavy materials like rocks and stone, look for a higher payload. When lighter, lower-density materials are involved, you can count on a lower payload.

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