Benefits of Renting Floor Scrubbers

Benefits of Renting Floor Scrubbers

If you work in a factory, warehouse, distribution center or another industrial facility, you know how dirty the floors can get. Though it's undoubtedly important to maintain a clean work environment, many companies avoid purchasing large cleaning equipment due to how much it costs versus how often they need it. Luckily, there are many benefits of renting floor scrubbers over buying them.

Why Should You Rent a Floor Scrubber?

Though practically every industrial facility or commercial space has daily cleaning procedures that workers use to maintain a tidy workplace, these routine actions aren't always enough. Sometimes, a heavy-duty ride-on floor scrubber is the only machine that will deliver a deep enough clean after weeks or months of intensive labor on the job site. That's when renting comes in.

With so many benefits of renting a floor scrubber, this investment often makes the most sense for an industrial workspace.

Enjoy Temporary Use

Many companies could use an industrial floor scrubber in their facilities, but most of them don't have a regular enough need to justify the cost. With floor scrubber rentals, you can deliver the deep clean your job site needs without spending thousands on a machine you'll only use once or twice a year. Renting machines is often the most logical option when it comes to temporary uses such as these.

Save on Storage Space

Purchasing large equipment means setting aside the space to store it — and not every facility has the storage space to spare. Instead of sacrificing your money and space to store your floor scrubber, you can eliminate the need for storage entirely with floor scrubber rentals. When renting these machines, you only have to find space for the length of your rental term rather than reserving a permanent location. 

Minimize Expenses

Perhaps the biggest reason to rent a ride-on floor scrubber over buying one is cost. While renting equipment does involve a fee, it's just a fraction of the cost of buying — plus, owning a machine comes with the added expenses of performing regular maintenance and repairs, resulting in even more money out of your pocket. 

With a rental floor scrubber in your corner, you'll only have to cover the costs outlined in your rental agreement, ultimately minimizing your operating costs and maintenance expenses.

Use the Latest Technologies

When purchasing floor scrubbers, you can only buy what you can afford, and you may not be able to justify getting the latest and greatest machine on the market. When you rent a floor scrubber, you'll have access to equipment featuring all the most current technologies, enabling you to complete jobs faster and more efficiently than ever while paying significantly less.

Today, many floor scrubber rentals come with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems that are compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, giving you the innovative features you need to pass safety inspections and remain in compliance with industry regulations.

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