What to Look for in a Construction Laser Level Rental

A construction laser is an essential piece of equipment to use during the surveying and layout process. It provides an accurate, level reference when performing tasks such as site grading and ceiling and floor installation. This tool consists of a laser beam projector with a mirror attached to a tripod. A rotating head sweeps the beam around a vertical axis. Depending on the model, the mirror may be self-leveling or require manual adjustment.

The Different Types of Laser Level Rentals

For many companies, renting provides a convenient, cost-effective solution for acquiring construction lasers for their projects. Contractors and other construction professionals can choose from several types of laser levels, such as:

  • Line: A line laser derives its name from its ability to project a level beam of light in one direction across a single work surface. This capability makes the line laser level a good choice for indoor horizontal or vertical leveling applications.
  • Rotary: Unlike line laser levels, the rotary version can create a level line around a room at a 360-degree angle. While primarily designed for indoor applications, these construction lasers also work outdoors in conjunction with a laser receiver. Rotary lasers can perform accurate leveling at up to 200 feet.
  • Pipe: Also known as a utility construction laser, this leveling tool is designed for use in underground trenching and piping work. The level facilitates the process of aligning each pipe section.
  • Dot: These lasers function much like line lasers. The main difference is that they project dots instead of lines to indicate when the laser is level. They can provide reference points on a variety of surfaces, such as walls and ceilings.
  • Dumpy: A dumpy level, also referred to as a builder's level, is an automatic optical surveying tool that consists of a telescope tube fastened between two collars. The user looks through the eyepiece and focuses on a staff or tape measure placed at a distant point.

The Cat® Rental Store: Your Source for a Laser Level Rental

The Cat® Rental Store carries a wide selection of construction lasers from leading manufacturers such as Trimble, Wacker Neuson and Leica Geosystems. Visit a location near you to explore an assortment of manual and self-leveling models in a variety of visual operating diameters, ranges and horizontal accuracy levels. We also carry all the accessories you need to optimize the performance of your rental, such as batteries, tripods, receivers and mounting hardware.

When you rent from us, you'll get a high-quality, late-model product at a competitive daily, weekly or monthly rate. We'll also help you choose the right tool for your applications and budget and provide comprehensive maintenance and repair service.

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