General Construction Laser Rentals

Construction lasers provide an accurate level reference in applications such as surveying, site grading, floor leveling and ceiling tile installation. The Cat® Rental store carries a wide selection of laser rental equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

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AGL GradoPlane 25: This automatic self-leveling dual-slope laser from AGL features a single grade capability of -5 to +25% and a dual grade of -5 to +15%. It's also accurate at up to 1/16-inch at 100 feet. It's the ideal tool for construction applications such as tiling and land leveling.

Leica Rugby 50: Leica designed this one-button construction laser level rental to always turn on in the automatic self-leveling mode. Examples of the many suitable applications for the Rugby 50 include concrete forming, setting foundations and pad placement.

Trimble DET Nikon NE-100: Perfect for general construction and surveying tasks, this electronic digital theodolite provides 30x magnification, a horizontal leveling accuracy of 10 inches and a visual operating diameter of 300 feet. The one-touch functionality makes the NE-100 easy to use.

Trimble NE-101: The NE-101 theodolite delivers leveling accuracy up to 7 inches. It also offers a variety of positioning techniques including short-range grade work, alignment and plumb, checking angles and 90-degree layout.

Wacker Neuson VAL 300: The portable, easy-to-use VAL 300 is ideally suited for screeding, forming, fine grading, plaster concrete topping and more. This laser level rental is accurate at up to 1/8-inch at 100 feet and provides a self-leveling range of 5.7 degrees and a visual operating diameter of 100 feet.

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