Types of Trailers to Rent for Construction Sites

Major construction projects may take several weeks or months to complete. The project management team typically needs a portable building space to serve as a base of operations. Construction job site trailers provide a practical, mobile solution, offering a clean, comfortable work environment for conducting business and overseeing the work. 

 The Cat® Rental Store offers several types of rental trailers for construction sites and other locations that require versatile mobile office solutions. The trailers are available at competitive daily, weekly and monthly rates and come with top-notch service and support. 

Construction Job Site Trailer Options 

Mobile work site trailers feature a wide variety of options to meet the needs of all types of operations. They're also towable, which allows you to transport them around the job site as needed. Available features include:

  • Room to accommodate up to eight people with ease
  • Dining rooms and refrigerators
  • Shelving for storing office supplies and equipment
  • Electricity for powering lighting, heat and appliances
  • Expansive floor space for conference tables, chairs, desks and other office furnishings
  • Restrooms with a toilet, sink and mirror

All construction job site trailers from The Cat Rental Store have galvanized construction to ensure maximum protection against the elements. Sturdy trailer hitches enable you to tow them with your vehicles with complete confidence. 

What Are the Benefits of Work Site Shelters on Wheels?

Renting mobile trailers for use at your construction sites offers a host of benefits:

  • The portability allows you to relocate them as the focus of the work changes during the project
  • They provide a quiet, comfortable work area that helps management teams stay productive and efficient
  • They offer easy accessibility for employees, contractors and other project personnel needed for quick on-site meetings
  • They create a private area where project managers can meet with crew members to discuss work or personnel issues
  • They enhance safety by providing refuge for workers in extreme weather conditions or when seeking first aid for minor injuries
  • They provide a secure area for storing valuable tools or supplies when not in use
  • The flexibility of renting allows you to acquire trailers on a project-by-project basis

Get Help Finding the Right Trailer for Your Project

The experts at any of our more than 1,300 worldwide locations can help you explore all your trailer options and choose the right model for your needs and budget. We also offer other types of rental trailers for construction sites. For example, we can help you find a sanitary trailer to serve as an on-site restroom and more hygienic alternative to porta-potties. Models equipped with showers are also available. These trailers enable workers to clean up at the end of a long day on the job.

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