Worksite Shelter on Wheels Rentals

A construction project can take several weeks or months to complete. Project managers require a solidly built structure to serve as a temporary office/operations base during their extended stay. A worksite shelter on wheels can provide a practical mobile solution that enables managers to work efficiently and comfortably, while also offering the flexibility to relocate the unit if needed.

The Cat® Rental Store in your area is your one-stop headquarters for a portable construction office rental that will meet your functional requirements. We operate more than 1,300 locations across the U.S. and around the world to ensure fast, convenient service to our customers. We also provide top-notch support from the time of initial contact until you return your rental.

High-Quality Products You Can Trust

The quality of the equipment can be "hit or miss" with some rental providers. At The Cat Rental Store, we take steps to ensure our customers receive reliable products that meet their performance expectations. We feature equipment from Caterpillar, the most recognized brand in the construction industry, as well as other leading manufacturers. We also take excellent care of our rentals by conducting timely maintenance and comprehensive multipoint inspections.

Our job site trailer rental inventory consists of units that can accommodate up to 4-6 workers and office equipment. Depending on the model, amenities can include electric heat, dining rooms, refrigerators and toilets with washbasins. These trailer-mounted units are towable, enabling you to transport them to, from and around the worksite site with ease. The galvanized construction can withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Experience the Advantages That Renting Offers

The benefits of integrating equipment rentals into your business operations include:

  • Helps you manage your equipment-related expenses more efficiently
  • Gives you access to late-model, technologically advanced products that will bolster your productivity
  • Frees up capital to invest in expansion, resources or increasing your labor force
  • Lowers your maintenance, repair and storage costs
  • Allows you to add to your fleet without making a long-term commitment
  • Helps you meet your seasonal requirements and accommodate increased scheduling demands
  • Makes it practical to try out several models when evaluating equipment for purchase
  • Enables you to acquire specialized products for unique projects

The Cat® Rental Store: A Smart Choice for Your Rental Needs

When you select us as your rental provider, you'll receive expert assistance to ensure you get the right equipment for your applications. We'll be happy to deliver the unit to your site, or you can pick it up at a store near you. We'll also arrange flexible terms that fit your budget. And you'll never have to worry about maintenance and repairs — we'll take care of those on-site. Around-the-clock emergency service is available to prevent costly project delays.

Contact Us to Start the Rental Process

Please review our inventory of construction office rentals and other equipment offerings today. If you're having trouble finding the right model for your needs, give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT to speak to a representative. If you'd like to request a quick quote online, feel free to complete and submit our contact form.

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