Equipment for Driveway Maintenance

A driveway can remain in good condition with minimal maintenance for years to come if it's built correctly. Regardless of the construction, there are still times when every driveway — commercial or residential — requires cleaning and repairs.

You need the right equipment for the job when you're working on someone's private roadway. The good news is that you can rent all types of driveway maintenance equipment when you work with a trustworthy dealer. If you're doing a short-term project, renting can be a particularly cost-effective solution — and you have a full range of options at your disposal.

Stone Driveway Maintenance

When it's time to do maintenance on a client's stone driveway, make sure you have access to high-quality equipment. Over time, stone driveways can start to wear until they become an eyesore. Replacing the gravel can restore the driveway's safety and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the user has a safe place to drive every day.

The most important equipment for any driveway project is grading machinery. You'll need a high-quality grader before you can start tearing apart and reassembling a stone driveway. Mixing the stones and gravel is just one part of the process. You also need to flatten and level the mix, so it's easy for drivers to roll across. Using the right machine and grading box, you can put the finishing touches on any driveway project with ease.

Driveway Cleaning

Every driveway needs a good cleaning now and then. Dirt, gravel and other materials blown or tracked in can leave a driveway looking worse for wear. Trash and waste buildup in populated areas can also impact someone's private property.

If you're looking for high-grade equipment that will make a driveway shine, you can save money by renting the necessary cleaning tools. Some of the common rentals used for driveway cleaning include:

  • Cold-water pressure washers. Cold-water pressure washers are high-powered machines designed to remove dirt or mold from hard surfaces. You can use one of these machines to soak the driveway and wash away any unwanted substances.
  • Hot-water pressure washers. With a hot-water pressure washer, it's easy to take care of harsh or dried substances that may be in the driveway. These rentals are optimal for removing tough oil and grease.
  • Sweepers. Sweeper rentals are effective for road and driveway cleaning applications. For example, if a driveway has any garbage, waste, fallen leaves or debris lying around, a sweeper can pick them up with ease. There are a variety of smaller sweepers made to fit driveway projects.

OEM Brands From The Cat® Rental Store

At The Cat® Rental Store, we're proud to offer equipment from our trusted OEM partners. We can provide rentals for driveway maintenance from the following brands:

  • BOMAG: When you're working on large driveways and paving projects, BOMAG Rental Equipment is the right way to go. BOMAG has spent more than half of a century creating paving and compaction equipment that's well suited for work with soil, waste, asphalt and concrete. Though the company's equipment has a reputation for excelling on large job sites, BOMAG actually produces both light and heavy machinery so you can complete your driveway project no matter the size.
  • Brendon Powerwashers: Brendon Powerwashers creates machines that clean and sanitize pavement to remove stubborn debris, dirt, grime and mold with ease. Whether you're performing driveway maintenance, landscaping or concrete work, a Brendon Powerwasher can be gentle or powerful. The company even makes a new quiet power washer for projects where keeping sound down is key. 
  • LayMor: Once you finish your driveway job, it's essential that you leave behind a pristine work site. Laymor rental equipment sweeps and clears away the dust from paving and construction sites for parking lots and roads. These machines are perfect for finishing job sites and keeping them clean through regular maintenance. Laymor specializes in walk-behind sweepers as well as ride-on sweeper models.

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