The Benefits of Renting Equipment for Highway Construction Projects

The Benefits of Renting Equipment for Highway Construction Projects

Highway construction crews know that tackling the tough job of building and rebuilding highways demands reliable, hardworking equipment. From asphalt pavers and road reclaimers to dozers and dump trucks, crews rely on a combination of equipment to get the job done.

This guide to renting highway construction equipment will cover the top equipment used in highway construction, as well as some of the essential supplies and work tools needed to take your project to the next level. We’ll also discuss why renting your highway construction equipment from The Cat® Rental Store makes sense for better productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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What Type of Equipment Is Used in Highway Construction? 

Highway construction is a challenging sector of the construction industry, requiring numerous types of equipment and tools to tackle different aspects of the job. From clearing land and removing rock and brush to grading and sloping the roadway to laying down asphalt, crews have lots of tasks to finish to create a long-lasting, high-quality highway. 

Below are some of the top rental equipment options for highway construction.

1. Asphalt Pavers

As critical equipment in highway construction, asphalt pavers are machines that lay down the asphalt for highway road surfaces. Asphalt pavers work by funneling hot mix asphalt (HMA) to the rear of the machine, where the asphalt mixture gets poured onto the road surface. As the asphalt mixture is being poured, it travels through a screed, which is the tool that controls the amount of mixture being poured as the paver drives ahead. This ensures the even distribution of the material and the correct amount of thickness and width.

How the HMA travels through the machine to be poured out depends on the type of mixture feed system in use. A tilt-hopper asphalt paver uses gravity to draw asphalt mixture from the hopper into the screed and is typically reserved for smaller residential and commercial jobs. A conveyor-fed paver uses a mechanized conveyor belt to draw down large quantities of material, moving up to 500 tons of asphalt mixture per day. Conveyor-fed pavers are ideal for highway construction.

Asphalt pavers can be equipped with either tracks or wheels. Tracked pavers are suitable for uneven terrain with awkward angles, or for ground that is wet or sandy. Wheeled pavers are suitable for paving long, flat stretches of highway and move quicker than tracked models. The trade-off is that wheeled pavers have less traction.

If you need a temporary asphalt paver for your highway construction project, visit The Cat Rental Store near you. We provide a range of sizes in both asphalt pavers and vibratory screeds, including models that are wide enough to efficiently lay asphalt on highway surfaces.

2. Cold Planers

Cold planers, also known as asphalt milling machines, are a type of equipment designed for removing pavement and concrete from roads that have deteriorated and need to be resurfaced. Essentially, cold planers are used to recycle existing pavement by cutting up and grinding the pavement they collect so it can be used as aggregate in new pavement mixtures. 

For asphalt surfaces, cold planers allow road construction workers to use the reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) to create new asphalt mixture that will be applied to the road when it gets resurfaced with an asphalt paver. Some types of cold planers also grind up reclaimed pavement to serve as material for creating rumble strips and other road surface features.

With cold planers, operators are able to remove the worn-out sections of pavement to a predetermined grade and slope, which allows for vehicle traffic to continue using the road in the meantime as road resurfacing continues. Cat cold planers use a technology-driven advanced rotor system that allows for precision milling in reclaiming a specified and controlled amount of pavement.

Visit The Cat Rental Store near you for assistance selecting the right model of cold planer rental for your highway construction project. 

3. Road Reclaimers

When highways begin to deteriorate and become destabilized, road reclaimers are used to help reinforce and reconstruct the road. Road reclaimers work by pulverizing the top asphalt layer and mixing it with the underlying soil. During a second pass at reclamation, road reclaimers can also add asphalt emulsions and binding agents to the reclaimed asphalt to further restabilize the road. 

Road reclaimers are heavy-duty machines that can withstand harsh conditions that occur during highway construction. Cat road reclaimers are designed to have their weight evenly balanced, providing stability during challenging road reclamation projects. Available in different cutting widths and horsepower ratings, Cat road reclaimers can be matched with the right power and capabilities for your project size.

Find road reclaimer rentals at The Cat Rental Store near you and get help from one of our rental specialists in choosing the right model for your highway construction project.

4. Road Wideners

Road wideners are road construction equipment used to discharge the correct amount of road surfacing material at the precise grade and slope that’s needed. They’re used to lay down surface material on the shoulders or other narrower parts of the road that don’t get covered by pavers.

A road widener receives asphalt or road surfacing material from a dump truck into its attached hopper. Using a hydraulic belt, the machine then passes the material to the road widener equipment’s strike-off tool, which feeds it in the correct leveled amount that’s needed for the desired grade and slope of the road. 

The road widening process maximizes efficiency in laying down road material because it prevents excess deposits that would otherwise need to be cleaned up later. Being able to lay down road material in a single controlled pass also saves on production costs and improves crew productivity.

Visit The Cat Rental Store near you to find Weiler road widener rentals for your highway construction project.

5. Compactors

Compactors are road construction equipment used to improve the quality of the pavement, extending its longevity and cost-effectiveness. By compacting pavement with roller equipment, crews are able to reduce the number of air voids present so the pavement will remain durable under the repeated weight of vehicle traffic over time. 

Roads that aren’t adequately compacted tend to fatigue prematurely and become prone to rutting and damage due to moisture incursion. With compacting equipment, road crews can achieve the right compacting weight and evenness, resulting in a consistent finished product.

The Cat Rental Store provides a variety of different road compaction equipment solutions, from ride-on compactors to walk-behind compactors to heavy-duty asphalt roller machines. Speak with a rental specialist at The Cat Rental Store near you today to learn more about choosing the right asphalt compactor rental for your highway construction project. 

6. Dozers

Bulldozers are versatile construction equipment used in building new highways or expanding existing ones. Crews use dozers to move large amounts of material such as gravel, soil and rock away from the working area so the new road can be established and smoothed out. Bulldozers are especially valuable for removing topsoil from the new road surface so it can be replaced with clean fill and inert gravel that prevents road destabilization.

With the right blade, dozers can also assist in grading and sloping, as well as trenching and backfilling to help build up the road shoulders. Like other types of roadwork and earthmoving equipment, dozers come with either tracks or tires. Tracked dozers are useful in rugged terrain, providing greater surface area for improved traction and mobility. Wheeled dozers are suitable for large stretches of flat and even road, with the ability to move faster across sites. 

Find the right size bulldozer rental for your highway construction project needs at The Cat Rental Store near you.

7. Motor Graders

Motor graders, also known simply as graders, are used in highway construction to flatten, grade and shape roadways. With their front moldboard, motor graders are able to precisely grade, level and sculpt roads ahead of surface finishing. Motor graders, like dozers, can help move stumps, branches, rocks and other debris away from the working area in order to establish the roadway. However, unlike bulldozers, motor graders are better at fine grading and tackling larger areas of land, such as with mega highway construction and large infrastructure projects. 

Proper drainage is critical in highway construction. Motor graders allow crews to properly slope the new road to encourage runoff into ditches. During road maintenance and repair, crews also use motor graders to remove debris and maintain ditches to help preserve existing roadways.

Rent motor graders for highway construction at The Cat Rental Store near you and get expert advice on selecting the right model for your project.

8. Dump Trucks

In highway construction, crews need ways to move material to, from and around the site. Whether it’s to deliver clean fill or gravel or to remove rock, soil and debris, dump trucks are necessary for the efficient management of large quantities of material on a construction site. 

Depending on the size of the construction project, different types of dump trucks may be used. Crews may also rely on a combination of truck types, including standard dump trucks and off-highway trucks. Off-road trucks are rugged vehicles used for massive highway projects, as they can carry huge quantities of material and withstand rigorous conditions during the construction process. 

At The Cat Rental Store, you’ll find the dump truck rentals you need to manage material on your highway construction project. Work with a rental specialist to choose the right truck solution for your material management needs.

9. Compact and Wheel Loaders

Loaders are extremely useful equipment on all construction sites, including highway construction. When crews need to move material, remove debris and clear land in preparation for highway construction, loaders are the answer. Additionally, loaders are extremely versatile thanks to their compatibility with numerous work tools. From rakes to brushcutters to brooms, attachments allow loaders to perform a variety of tasks during highway construction.

Depending on the size of the project, there are many different loader types to choose from. Wheel loaders are the biggest, with rugged wheels and high operating weight capacities. Compact wheel loaders provide similar functions but in a more maneuverable machine. Compact track and multi terrain loaders are tracked compact loaders that can tackle uneven and rugged terrain during highway construction. Skid steer loaders are capable of taking on a variety of different jobs throughout the construction project, and their speed makes them convenient for various tasks.

Wheel loadersskid steer loaders and compact track and multi terrain loaders are available for rent at The Cat Rental Store near you.

10. Excavators

In building highways, excavators are necessary support equipment in preparing the work zone for construction. Crews use excavators to remove stumps, logs, boulders and rocks that need to be cleared to build the new road. Excavators are also powerful digging machines that crews use to build roadside ditches and establish proper drainage away from the road surface. With so many different work tools available for excavators, their versatility makes them essential on highway construction sites. 

Excavators are available in either wheeled or tracked versions. As with other equipment types, wheeled excavators are suitable for hard, flat ground where the conditions are dry and less rugged. Tracked excavators are useful in highway construction projects in rough and rocky terrain with plenty of slopes.

Visit The Cat Rental Store and find the excavator rentals you need for your highway construction project. Excavators range in size from mini to large, and a rental specialist can help you choose the right one.

Other Supplies and Attachments for Highway Construction

In addition to heavy construction equipment, highway construction crews also depend on various attachments and other supplies to build roadways. In highway construction, there are unique considerations, such as how to divert vehicle traffic and keep crews safe. There are also considerations like how to clean up a highway construction project effectively.

Below are some additional attachments and supplies your crew can rent for highway construction projects:

  • Arrow panels: Highway construction requires a commitment to the safety of motorists, pedestrians and crew members. Traffic control measures, including arrow panels and automated flaggers, help to funnel traffic through construction zones safely. These devices also reduce human error and minimize labor costs, and many models are designed to be energy-efficient with solar power.  
  • Variable message boards: It’s critical for construction crew members to stay in communication with vehicle traffic and pedestrians. By using variable message boards, your crew can alert traffic to construction up ahead, giving them time to slow down or redirect their route. Message boards allow you to provide instructions or information to motorists, such as changes in traffic patterns or construction zone active hours. 
  • Broom attachments: Keep your highway construction project clean with broom attachments for skid steers, compact loaders and backhoe loaders. The Cat Rental Store carries different types of brooms, including utility, pickup and angle brooms in a variety of sweeping widths so you can choose the most efficient solution for your project.
  • Concrete saws: When you have tough road resurfacing jobs, you need durable solutions for cutting up sections of concrete or asphalt. Concrete saw rentals from The Cat Rental Store are designed to help you tackle the tough job of cutting pavement quickly and efficiently. We carry a wide variety of walk-behind saws in both diesel- and gas-powered configurations.
  • Hammer attachments: For a powerful way to break up concrete and asphalt, use a hammer attachment rental for your excavator, backhoe loader or skid steer. Cat hammer attachments at The Cat Rental Store help improve efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness, providing a fast and effective way to break up pavement that needs resurfacing.
  • Jackhammers: Jackhammers are critical tools on highway construction projects, giving your crew an efficient way to break up pavement that must be removed ahead of highway resurfacing. Jackhammer rentals help your crew reduce the time and effort of pavement removal and demolition with a smaller and lighter tool for concrete-breaking applications that call for greater precision.
  • Saw attachments: When clearing land to build new highways or expand existing ones, you need powerful tools that can cut into tough ground or through solid concrete. Saw attachments from The Cat Rental Store give you the capabilities you need to get your highway construction project done quickly. Attach a saw work tool to your skid steer, compact track or multi terrain loader. 

View all roadwork equipment and attachment rentals available at The Cat Rental Store.

Benefits of Renting Highway Construction Equipment

For all your highway construction project equipment needs, consider the benefits of renting. Equipment rentals allow you to get the temporary tools you need to take on a short-term project. The availability of highway construction equipment rentals also allows you to procure a specialty tool you may discover you need or a replacement machine when one breaks down.

Below are the benefits of renting equipment for highway construction projects that you’ll get when you choose The Cat Rental Store.

1. Flexible Terms

Renting your highway construction equipment makes sense when you’re taking on a temporary or short-term project. Rentals provide you with the flexibility to get the equipment you need for as long as you need it. At The Cat Rental Store, we provide convenient rental terms, including daily, weekly and monthly rentals. 

Having the ability to extend your rental when you need to is also a convenient perk of renting from The Cat Rental Store. Renting equipment gives you an opportunity to get the job done effectively while testing out a variety of different tools. By taking advantage of flexible rental terms, you’re able to try before you buy, ensuring you make the right investment for your business.

2. Cost Savings

One of the most beneficial reasons for renting your highway construction equipment is the immediate cost savings. By renting equipment, you agree to a single cost that accounts for an all-in-one service. Knowing upfront what your equipment will cost can help you budget your project expenses more accurately. 

Some of the savings you can expect when you rent from The Cat Rental Store include:

  • Repair and maintenance costs
  • Insurance expenses
  • Storage and security fees
  • Asset depreciation and disposal

In addition to saving on these costs, you also save time. Maintenance and repairs of your owned fleet are time-consuming and must be conducted on a regular schedule. By renting, you can focus your efforts on your business rather than on preventive maintenance. 

3. Immediate Availability

Having the option to rent your highway construction equipment is essential when in an emergency situation. Many times, crews face unexpected challenges during the course of the project, encountering the sudden need for a specialized tool or an additional piece of equipment to complete the job effectively. With local equipment availability at The Cat Rental Store, crews can resume work quickly with the right solution for the job.

Likewise, when working with heavy equipment, unexpected breakdowns can occur. Renting gives you the backup plan you need in the event of unplanned downtime. Quickly find a replacement for your equipment at The Cat Rental Store near you and get back to work with minimal loss in productivity. 

4. High-Quality Equipment

When you rent from The Cat Rental Store, you can rest assured you’re getting high-quality equipment rentals. All of our rentals are serviced to the highest standards, following the prescribed maintenance schedule from Caterpillar to ensure reliability, performance and longevity. 

We also provide excellent customer service, with technicians who will come to your site to make any repairs or conduct service on longer-term rentals. By renting from The Cat Rental Store, you get the reliability and durability you need to complete your highway construction project on time. 

Choose The Cat® Rental Store for Highway Construction Equipment Rentals

Find everything you need for your highway construction project at The Cat Rental Store. We’re proud to offer our customers a wide selection of roadwork equipment, earthmoving equipment and other solutions to keep your project productive and safe.

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