The Different Types of Excavator Attachments

Excavators are standard equipment at various types of construction and material handling jobsites. While they typically serve as digging machines, the use of attachments enables them to perform additional tasks, such as drilling, compacting, raking and ripping.

Caterpillar manufactures a lineup of world-class excavators in sizes ranging from mini to large, as well as demolition, long reach and frontless models. Besides offering a wide selection of these indispensable machines, The Cat® Rental Store carries an assortment of Cat excavator attachments for rent. Our heavy equipment experts can show you how the right work tools can increase your excavator's versatility and productivity.

Choose From Many Excavator Attachment Types

Our inventory includes compact excavator attachments as well as tools for larger and specialized models:

  • Augers: An auger will enable your excavator to drill holes in the ground quickly and efficiently. Typical applications include digging footings, postholes and tree and shrub plantings.
  • Buckets: Equipping your excavator with the right buckets will enhance its material handling capabilities. We can provide buckets designed for tasks such as cleanup, digging, ditch cleaning, grading and various general, heavy, extreme and severe-duty tasks.
  • Compactors: Our selection of vibratory plate and drum compactors for rent will enable your excavator to perform fast, efficient compaction of loose materials for a variety of construction and landscaping projects.
  • Couplers: Pin Grabber and CV Series Quick Couplers from Caterpillar will enable you to change the work tools you use with your excavator in seconds.
  • Grapples: grapple will make it easier for your machine to pick up larger objects. We offer grapples for rent that are compatible with various Cat hydraulic excavator models.
  • Hammers: Use hammer attachments for breaking up materials at construction, quarry and demolition worksites. We offer them in several impact energy classes and blows-per-minute capacities.
  • Multi-processors: We offer multi-processors with interchangeable jaw sets for applications such as concrete cutting, demolition, pulverizing and shearing.
  • Rakes: Rake attachments can transform your excavator into a versatile land clearing, site preparation or brush piling machine. You'll find rakes in a variety of widths and tine spacings.
  • Rippers: ripper attachment is ideal for cutting through tough terrain or frozen ground. Use it on rock, shale, permafrost or hard layers of topsoil.
  • Thumbs: Hydraulic thumbs will allow your excavator to pick up, hold and transport awkward materials such as rocks and branches that won't fit in a bucket. You'll experience better load control as a result, which will improve your jobsite efficiency and productivity.

Why Choose the Cat® Rental Store for Your Excavator Attachment Needs?

Besides offering reliable Cat excavator attachments and expert product selection guidance, we can provide a smooth, streamlined renting experience. We'll work with you to create a flexible rental agreement that fits your time frame and budget. We'll also deliver fast maintenance and repair service whenever you need either.

Contact Us to Get the Excavator Attachment Rental Process Started

We'll be happy to discuss the numerous excavator attachment uses. Feel free to call us 24/7 at 1-800-RENT-CAT to rent whatever you need from the pros who do whatever it takes. You can also browse our attachment selection online and reach out to us for a quick quote.

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