How Are Bridges Built Over Water?

How Are Bridges Built Over Water?

Bridges provide efficient transportation routes over bodies of water that can save hours. These routes make it easier for commuters, emergency vehicles and tourists to reach their destination quickly by reducing traffic congestion and the risk of accidents. 

Many people appreciate the convenience of bridges, but few recognize the time and effort construction workers and engineers put in to secure new bridges over water bodies. Constructing a bridge over water can be a lengthy process with many precise details to nail down. 

How Do You Build Bridges Over Water?

Many factors can influence the way workers construct a bridge over water. The water's depth is the most significant determining factor for bridge construction methods. There are simpler and quicker techniques for building over shallow water. Deep waters require involved and time-consuming processes. 

There are several standard techniques used to construct a bridge over the water, including: 

  • Cofferdam technique: This is one of the most common methods for building over deep waters. Builders construct a wall sealed into the water floor around the designated workspace. Once the water is drained, there is a dry area to start the bridge's foundation.
  • Temporary foundation: When water is shallow, workers create a temporary foundation that holds piers, which support the upper structure. This provides a solid platform for the bridge to be made.
  • Case drilling: This complex technique requires a water-tight chamber with a sealed tube fitted inside it. Builders place a long drill inside the tube to begin the drilling process, which allows the frame to be built. 

Materials and Equipment Used to Build Bridges Over Water

Most bridges over water are made of concrete, steel, asphalt, stone or a combination of those materials. You may also need materials such as iron, rubber, aluminum and timber. 

Bridges also require a fleet of construction equipment to ensure an efficient and effective bridge. Building a bridge involves many processes, including digging, leveling, lifting heavy materials, working from heights, welding materials and more. You need a batch of top-quality equipment to complete the project on time and within budget. 

The following equipment is often used in the bridge-building process:

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