What Are Motor Graders Used For?

What Are Motor Graders Used For?

Motor graders, sometimes called road graders or simply graders, are heavy equipment used in several industries. When you decide to grade or level a surface, you will likely need to use a motor grader. These machines have three axles and an engine, and they use blades to complete the job.

How Do Different Industries Use Motor Graders?

Several industries make use of motor graders, including:

  • Construction: Workers use a motor grader to level a surface before laying the foundation for a home, building or other structure.
  • Road work: Streets, highways and parking lots wouldn't exist without motor graders. An operator uses this equipment to flatten and smooth a surface before laying asphalt. You can also use this machinery to maintain unpaved roads.
  • Snow removal: Places that receive significant snowfall require plowing. With the right attachment, a motor grader can be used to push snow out of the way.
  • Agriculture: Soil prep for the new planting season is simple with a motor grader. You can also use this equipment to make dirt tracks or roads on farms.
  • Mining: Miners need a safe place to drive their equipment. Whether the work is above or below ground, a motor grader can smooth surfaces for this purpose.
  • Landscaping: Graders are helpful for tasks such as forming drainage ditches and creating slopes.

What Are 6 Common Motor Grader Attachments?

Motor graders are useful tools in such a variety of industries because they are compatible with numerous attachments. Here are the various motor grader attachments and which jobs each one will work for:

1. Rippers

Ripper attachments break into a solid area and loosen the dirt or soil. You can use a ripper attachment to prepare a site for the grading or leveling process, and it is also helpful for clearing land in mining applications.

2. Snow Wings

Snow wings come in either masted or mastless forms. Use snow wings to easily clear snow on roadways. These attachments work in high- or low-speed applications.

3. V-Plows

The v-plow is a specific type of snowplow. It's a large size with two pieces coming together in the shape of a "V." You can use this attachment for areas with heavy snow that is difficult to clear with other attachments. The V shape allows the plow to push snow far on both sides.

4. Tire Chains

Tire chains are helpful for gaining traction. They are especially useful during the winter months when a motor grader could experience sliding and poor traction.

5. Straight Front Blades

A straight front blade is one of the most versatile attachments for a motor grader. You can use a straight blade for everything from snow removal to leveling and dozing. Straight front blades come in multiple sizes to match your application.

6. Front-Mounted Hydraulic Brooms

You could also attach a hydraulic broom to the front of your motor grader. These tools work well for jobs where you need to remove large, loose materials, such as rocks or debris.

Why Should You Rent Motor Grader Attachments?

Renting attachments for your motor grader is a viable choice for people in several industries. The Cat® Rental Store offers this option for your convenience.

Renting motor grader attachments from us comes with several benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: Paying for a work tool upfront is an investment, and it can take a while to get your money's worth out of it if you rarely use the attachment. Renting only requires you to pay for the product when you need it.
  • Attachment maintenance: Servicing and storing your motor grader attachments to ensure they work properly is unnecessary when you choose to rent. Our teams take care of this work for you, meaning you can trust your attachments are in good condition during your rental period.
  • Job versatility: You can take on specialized jobs in any season with the help of renting attachments. You can also offer more services when you have access to a larger selection of work tools. If a job you want to take requires a specific attachment, The Cat Rental Store can help.

Rent Motor Grader Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store Today

Motor graders are valuable machines for jobs in many industries. Our team can rent the attachments and equipment you need anywhere within our dealer network. To discover more about our products or request a quote, browse our inventory online or call 1-800-RENT-CAT. We're ready to help you rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes.

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