One-Stop-Shop for All Your Rental Needs

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Rental Needs

If you've worked with Caterpillar before, you know how seriously we take the performance of our machinery, and that value carries over to the over 70 other manufacturers that contribute to The Cat® Rental Store product catalog. The Cat Rental Store has made a name for itself across various industries, partly because of the volume of OEM tools we carry.

These tools range in size and capability. Whether you need a light tower for various job sites, a forced-air heater in the winter months or a specialized piece of forestry equipment for one job, we can meet those needs and many others. Alongside the heavy machinery you trust from Caterpillar, these OEM brands allow us to offer a complete solution. The Cat Rental Store has more than Cat machines — we are a one-stop-shop for all of your equipment needs.

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Equipment for Your Next Project

Even after you've got the heavy stuff figured out, most work sites will need additional tools to get the job done. Our OEM partners help us provide a more comprehensive array of solutions for your project's specific needs. Some of the machines from these manufacturers include:

  • Air equipment: Our selection of air-powered products include pneumatic tools and portable and stationary air compressors for any number of tasks.
  • Concrete equipment: When working with concrete, you need several tools to help with handling, mixing and moving it. We have buckets, buggies, mixers, grinders, saws and much more to make concrete work a breeze.
  • Light towers: For many projects, the work continues after the sun goes down. Our light towers can give you portable illumination for any number of after-dark tasks.
  • Miscellaneous equipment: Many of our items don't fit neatly in another category, but if you need specialty tools like pressure washers, containers, lasers, personnel carts, portable welders and sweepers, we've got your back.
  • Trench shoring: If your work takes you underground, our trench shoring equipment rentals can help you do it safely.
  • Aerial lifts: Need to get up high? Our selection of OEM aerial lifts can get you there in a variety of styles.
  • Forced-air heaters: When the cold weather hits, keep your work site warm and minimize downtime from frozen ground with forced-air heaters.

Solutions Across Industries

We provide the equipment and tools to get the job done, no matter the industry:

  • Agricultural: When you need a machine that's as hardworking in the field as you, our agricultural equipment selection can help finish the task. Whether you need to manage waste, clean up or move feed supplies, The Cat Rental Store is there to help your agribusiness. 
  • Paving and roadwork: Our machines work hard to help you get efficient and accurate results on every paving or roadwork project. Get things done on time and on spec with our selection of tools to help. They include message boards, barricades and concrete equipment.
  • Building construction: If you want to build a structure that lasts, you'll need the best tools for the job. Finding tools that work for almost any application is one of our specialties. Our high-quality brands of rental construction equipment can help you multitask and have a more efficient job site.
  • Landscaping: In this profession, you need to get projects done fast and accurately. The Cat Rental Store has a full range of rental equipment for landscaping that is perfect for getting a variety of tasks done in a short time. Our OEM landscaping rentals include compaction equipment, trenchers, concrete tools and much more.
  • Government: If you work for government agencies, you are probably no stranger to conserving resources. With rentals and the right equipment all in one location, you can save time and money on any job.
  • Oil and gas: When working with oil and gas, safety and durability are crucial for a facility to be successful. Machines from The Cat Rental Store are robust and dependable, providing the reliability that oil and gas businesses need.
  • Mining and quarry: Quarries and mines need powerful equipment to move tough materials, and our products are up to the task. From track crushers and screening plants to capable transportation tools, our OEM offerings are perfect for any number of mining and quarry applications.
  • Forestry: We offer a range of equipment rentals, such as brush chippers and stump grinders, to assist with specialized tasks in the forestry industry.

Choose From More Than 70 Brands of Equipment

We have over 70 brands of OEM solutions that businesses use in their everyday workflow. From support structures to pneumatic tools to material handling vehicles, this versatile selection of equipment can find its way into many industries.

With specialized machines and tools, these solutions help companies in almost any environment get the job done quickly and efficiently. Some tools, like light towers and aerial lifts, are common across jobs, while others, like screening plants or stump grinders, are more specialized. Thankfully, The Cat Rental Store can do both. Renting our OEM solutions provides the flexibility to handle rapidly changing demands.

The Cat Rental Store provides the benefits of both Cat machines and OEM solutions. Our manufacturing partners make it easy to get all of your project needs covered in one place. As your project needs change, The Cat Rental Store offers flexibility. If you suddenly need a new machine, you don't need to worry about the capital costs of purchasing one new. If it's only necessary for one spontaneous task, you aren't stuck with that machine sitting in storage forever. You can keep a strong work pace and use the tools that work for your situation. With the right equipment, specialized jobs are much easier to complete and will likely improve your efficiency. You can rent tools for short or long-term use, and purchase options are available as well.

Find the Right Rental Equipment With The Cat Rental Store

Partnering with The Cat Rental Store gives you the expertise of a highly trained crew. Once you've told us about your project, a representative will help you select the right tools to help you get it done safely, efficiently and effectively. With The Cat Rental Store, you get unparalleled customer support and quality products from Caterpillar and 70+ brands of rental equipment.

Our rental locations are never far away, with over 1,300 around the world. If you want to improve your productivity and results in your next project, browse our selection of rental equipment today. We'd be happy to provide a quote or help with machine selection

Rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes.

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