The Many Uses of Portable Air Compressors

The Many Uses of Portable Air Compressors

Compressed air, which is air stored at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, is essential for a wide range of industrial applications. Air compressors perform the vital function of delivering compressed air to pneumatic hand tools and other equipment and machinery. Portable air compressors give you instant access to compressed air wherever you need it, especially at remote construction sites. 

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Typical Portable Air Compressor Uses

Portable air compressors have many uses in the following industries:

  • Construction: Air compressors can power a wide variety of pneumatic tools at construction sites such as nailing and riveting guns, drills, jack and chipping hammers, and wrenches.
  • Agriculture: Farmers use compressed air for applications such asoperating pneumatically powered material handling machines, crop spraying, transporting feed on conveyors and running dairy equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical: The pharmaceutical industry often relies on air compressors when packaging products, operating conveyor systems during the production process, applying coatings and supplying compressed air to mixing tanks.
  • Manufacturing: While some larger manufacturing operators have permanently installed stationary air compressors, portable models can serve as backup units during emergencies. Many of them use diesel fuel, which means they don't require electricity to operate.
  • Oil & gas: The oil and gas industry uses portable air compressors for powering equipment at remote onshore and offshore drilling sites, installing and removing reactor rods and remotely controlling valves in coolant and steam circuits.

Portable Air Compressor Benefits

Although portable air compressors are smaller and lighter than their stationary counterparts, many deliver the same functionality and operating capacity options. They also include all the same safety features, enabling you to use them at your job sites with total confidence. The trailer-mounted design allows you to tow them with your vehicle to, from and around your work sites with ease. Because they come in various tank sizes and CFM and PSI capacities, it's not difficult to find a machine that matches your unique compressed air generation requirements.

We Provide Complete Service for Your Rental

When you rent a portable air compressor from The Cat Rental Store, you'll receive reliable help from knowledgeable, experienced equipment experts. Whether you need your air compressor for a short or long timeframe, you'll get cost-effective terms that work for your business. You'll receive timely repair and maintenance service to ensure the proper operation of your equipment and minimize unproductive downtime. On-time delivery to your facility or job site is also available for your convenience.

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