Benefits of Renting Heavy Equipment With Grade Control Systems

Benefits of Renting Heavy Equipment With Grade Control Systems

Highway construction projects are integral for safe transportation. Whether you update an existing road or establish a new one, road construction requires durable and precise equipment. A wide variety of heavy equipment is used to lay materials like asphalt and ensure the road is ready for use.

One of the most important parts of road work is grading and adjusting the elevation and slope of the job site before you begin constructing the road. You need to add or remove earth to ensure a stable foundation for your project. Many sites use grade control systems to streamline the process and reduce manual workloads.

Learn more about Cat® Grade Control systems and how renting them can benefit your construction project.

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highway construction equipment

Highway Construction Equipment

Highway construction and other road work are essential for safe transport across the country. Creating a durable highway takes many steps, from initially clearing land to laying asphalt. Workers use a wide range of heavy equipment to complete construction and meet specific project needs. Heavy equipment is built for heavy-duty applications, such as earthmoving. Whether road construction workers rent or purchase these pieces, the equipment is necessary for safe completion.

Here are examples of key construction machines for highway building:

  • Cold planers: Cold planers are important for the first steps of road work tasks. These pieces of equipment can remove concrete or pavement from existing roads for resurfacing projects. As they cut through the pavement, the machines preserve the material so it can be reused in future road work.
  • Road reclaimers: Workers use road reclaimers to reinforce existing roads. These machines strike the top layer of asphalt and add binding agents and other materials to restabilize the road. Road reclaimers are heavy-duty, able to withstand harsh conditions and complete projects efficiently.
  • Road wideners: These tools allow construction workers to expand roads by laying exact amounts of road surfacing onto the correct slope and grade needed. Road wideners reduce waste by reducing excessive deposits of asphalt, saving your team time and money.
  • Compactors: Construction workers use compactors to improve pavement quality and extend its life span. Proper compaction reduces air voids and allows roads to remain durable even after continuous levels of traffic. The Cat Rental Store dealers offer a wide variety of asphalt compactors that can create a high-quality and long-lasting road. 
  • Excavators: Another common type of construction equipment are excavators. These machines help prepare an area for construction by removing excess materials. For instance, you could use an excavator to move logs, large rocks or debris before starting your construction project.
  • Asphalt pavers: Asphalt pavers lay down the asphalt necessary to create highway road surfaces. These machines funnel hot asphalt to the back, where it pours onto the surface. It distributes and levels the asphalt to your desired results. High-quality pavers, like the wide selection available at Cat dealers worldwide, can ensure a productive and precise layer of asphalt.
grading is an essential step for construction jobs

What Is Grade Control Technology?

Many road construction tasks require precise grading and leveling with the equipment above. Jobs like lining a road with asphalt, leveling an area or creating a foundation need exact measurements. Grading is an essential step for construction jobs, allowing you to prepare land for your upcoming project and ensure an accurate level.

With Cat Grade Control technology, you can automate functions and engage in faster and more accurate grading. The technology streamlines many aspects of the grading process, reducing workloads and improving productivity. You can meet construction timelines and optimize profit opportunities. 

The technology enhances many existing features of Cat equipment, such as sensors or digital displays. It seamlessly integrates with these features to boost efficiency. You can upgrade the technology as needed to meet changing demands of your project.

Cat Grade Control includes these features:

  • Guidance: This visual display is featured in the cab of equipment. It provides feedback on tasks, such as giving details on where to fill and how much material to use. In turn, operators can reduce manual errors and enhance accuracy. It guides you through the job by giving instructions for each step and how much longer you need to continue.
  • Control: The control function reduces manual workloads. The technology can operate buckets, blades and other equipment tools to complete previously manual tasks. This function lowers the opportunity for human error by automating time-consuming tasks. And the less time you spend on manual jobs, the quicker you can complete your job and bid on a new one.

You can rent Cat Grade Control equipment in these two configurations:

  • 2D: A 2D system operates with an external focal point. It works for flat planes and slopes, usually with construction sites that have a consistent structure. A 2D system requires less framework to function.
  • 3D: 3D systems take the opposite approach of 2D systems by using an internal focal point instead. They are capable of processing more advanced designs, such as curves and contours. 

These functions are also scalable. If you begin with a 2D system but find you need more advanced features, you can upgrade to a 3D one instead. Road construction projects can change demands quickly, so having flexibility is beneficial.

Cat Grade Control is available for a wide range of construction equipment, from excavators to pavers. Cat dealers can help you find the best system for your construction site and needs. Overall, the technology can streamline your road construction projects and enhance your productivity.

Benefits of Renting Cat® Grade Control Systems

Renting Cat Grade Control systems offers many benefits to your team and construction site. Renting allows you to test out the technology without committing to an investment. You can access a wide range of products for your project, along with high-quality customer service and help along the way.

These are other benefits of Cat rental equipment with grade control:

Improved Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of Cat Grade Control systems is enhanced efficiency. The technology allows you to complete grading jobs with more accuracy. Equipment paired with grade control can achieve your desired grade in less time. By improving your grading efficiency, it lessens the possibility of rework. Instead, you can move into other high-priority tasks for your site.

Grade control also speeds up many processes, making it easier to meet deadlines. The system can register your desired grade and move the bucket and boom accordingly. As the operator controls the stick and monitors progress, the system ensures the machine doesn't overcut or undercut. These technologies help you complete grading tasks with more precision and in less time.

Technology reduces the chance of human error, allowing you to complete reliable projects. Automatic features can streamline your tasks and help you stay on track with project timelines.

Enhanced Operator Conditions

Operators play a crucial role in road construction. These workers operate the necessary equipment to complete projects. All construction sites should provide a secure environment for operators to work on tasks safely and efficiently.

With Cat Grade Control systems, you can help operators of all skill levels. The technology simplifies many operating tasks and helps ensure accuracy. Newer operators can quickly learn how to manage the equipment, reducing downtime. Workers with higher experience levels can perform more productively than ever as technology assists them.

The technology improves operators' working conditions, allowing for more productivity. As they expend less energy on manual tasks, they can complete more duties throughout the day. Grade control systems can create a more efficient work environment overall.

Cost Effectiveness

Renting equipment with grade control is a cost-effective option. Choosing Cat Grade Control rental equipment can save you money in multiple ways, including:

  • Reduced fuel consumption: One of the most significant expenses for construction sites is fuel. You must keep an adequate supply of fuel to power equipment and maintain efficiency. With grade control technology, you can lower overall fuel usage. The heightened accuracy lets you complete tasks just once instead of expending excess time running equipment. Lowering your fuel consumption can lower costs and lessen your environmental impact on the area.
  • No rework: Cat Grade Control systems can lower the time and cost needed to grade an area. The technology ensures you complete an accurate grading job the first time. Instead of spending extra time on the task, you can move forward with your project and lessen downtime. The efficiency helps you stay on track with your project without wasting resources and accruing more expenses.
  • No investment costs: Renting equipment is a cost-effective choice for construction sites. There are many ongoing costs for owning construction equipment, from interest payments to maintenance and replacement fees. By choosing to rent pieces, you can use them without committing to a direct purchase. Instead of navigating the extra costs of buying, you only have to pay the rental fee and cost of fuel. You can meet the needs of your project by only paying for the pieces you require.

Flexible Terms

Another benefit of renting Cat Grade Control equipment is the flexibility. You can find rental contracts that suit your project timelines, whether it's a few days or multiple months. As your project needs shift, you can adjust your rental agreement as needed. Cat dealers offer a wide range of equipment year-round, so you can find the right pieces no matter when your project begins.

For example, you might begin a highway construction project during the summer but find that you need more time. As the project shifts into overtime, you can contact your rental dealer and extend the contract for your equipment. This way, you can continue to use the machinery with no extra hassle.

By renting, you get to test out equipment before committing to a purchase. You can test out different earthmovers and grade control systems and find the best fit for your site. Cat dealers offer dedicated customer service and expert advice on what pieces could meet your project needs.

Cat rental equipment is also scalable. For instance, as you select a grade control system, you can pick between 2D and 3D configurations. If you start with a 2D model but find that your project requires 3D components, you can easily upgrade. The flexibility of rental equipment lets you meet the changing demands of your construction projects.

Higher Quality

Choosing Cat Grade Control provides you with high-quality equipment and services. Our safe and reliable equipment can help you achieve project goals faster and more efficiently. We check every product thoroughly, providing regular maintenance so it's ready for immediate use.

Our wide range of highway construction equipment is durable and ready to meet the challenging demands of earthmoving. And the excellent customer service teams at Cat dealers can help you through the entire rental process. Whether you need help with selection, operating your equipment or just general troubleshooting, our teams are available 24/7 to help.

available cat grade control equipment

Available Cat Grade Control Equipment

If you're ready to rent with a Cat dealer near you, you have a variety of construction equipment to choose from. Our Grade Control features are available on select models of these equipment types:

  • Excavators: Excavators are essential for most earthmoving and road work projects. Adding Cat Grade Control can ensure you remove and transport the right amount of earth for your project.
  • Multi-terrain loaders: These loaders are perfect for jobs that need low ground pressure. Our grade control technology can increase accuracy and make sure the earth is moved as needed.
  • Dozers: Bulldozers are necessary for many road work jobs. Grade control systems can automate blade functions and enhance speed and accuracy.
  • Paving equipment: Pavers are integral to road construction projects. With Cat Grade Control, you can lay the precise amount of asphalt in reduced amounts of time.
  • Skid steer loaders: These compact loaders are suited for a wide variety of construction needs. You can use additional attachments to fit the equipment for different tasks. 
  • Scrapers: Scrapers prepare the earth of project sites for the upcoming project. Our technology improves the accuracy of the earth moved, ensuring the foundation is ready for work.
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