The Benefits of Renting Light Towers for Events

The Benefits of Renting Light Towers for Events

Portable light towers can make a significant impact when you need to illuminate an area so you can work safely at night. This equipment can enhance productivity and ensure you're equipped to accommodate any event. 

Having a reliable mobile light source on hand offers many benefits for your team while providing convenience and safety. Although purchasing a light tower can be a good option, you may find that the simplicity and cost of renting are much more suitable for your applications. Discover the benefits of light towers for events and why you should rent rather than purchase. 

Choose Affordable and Cost-Saving Options

When evaluating the pros and cons of buying or renting a light tower, one of the first factors you should consider is the cost. These items can be a significant investment, with even low price tags being tens of thousands of dollars. 

Along with the initial commitment, businesses must also consider associated costs. For instance, if you plan to use the tower for multiple events, you must consider transportation and storage costs between each use. When you opt to rent, you save money by paying for the equipment only when you need it and allowing your provider to handle transportation and storage, all while still meeting project demands. Furthermore, renting eliminates depreciation concerns so you can preserve your capital. 

Skip the Maintenance and Care

After considering the initial cost of purchasing a light tower, you must also consider the preventive maintenance and service it will need to continue operating in peak condition. Whether you use the tower often or on rare occasions, it is essential to care for it properly to prevent failures or malfunctions. 

As you continue to use the unit, you may need to request professional services to repair or replace components, adding on to the costs of ownership. Additionally, you must consider the potential downtime related to servicing your equipment. You may experience a decrease in productivity or struggle to meet deadlines during these periods. 

However, if you opt to rent your tower, you can avoid maintenance and service costs entirely. Your provider will ensure you have a reliable, safe and efficient unit during the rental period, performing a thorough inspection prior to your rental as well as handling any repair or maintenance needs while in the field. Once you've completed your project, you simply return the equipment or have the supplier come retrieve it.

Enhance Safety and Productivity

One of the most significant benefits of renting a light tower is increasing the safety of your team. Proper illumination will allow those in the area to identify people, equipment, machinery and potential hazards so they can behave appropriately. 

Having full visibility on the work site empowers your crew to complete tasks efficiently, allowing them to focus their full attention on the job at hand and reach higher levels of productivity. Additionally, with enhanced safety measures to counter visibility challenges, you can consider expanding your operating times to meet tight deadlines or take on special events. 

Find the Best Option for Every Event

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for projects. Before you purchase a light tower, you want to be confident that the model you select will serve all your applications. However, it may be difficult to meet that standard because some events require more light than others, and some larger models may demand more power than your current solution can provide. Meanwhile, renting a light tower ensures you can find the equipment you need every time, plus any other resources you need to make your event go smoothly.

Renting a light tower allows you to select the best model from a range of options so you can find the right amount of illumination for your event or space. You can also opt for specialized equipment to enhance your event production, such as using LED lights or metal halide lights. 

If you do know that you'll be needing this type of equipment often, rental is an excellent way to test lighting solutions before making a long-term investment, which is part of why renting light towers for events is so beneficial. Working with a reliable rental provider empowers you to test every option you're considering before you buy. You can also easily access the newest technology at an affordable cost to ensure you bring the best to every event. 

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