Renting Snowplows and Blades: Tips and Considerations

Renting Snowplows and Blades: Tips and Considerations

Commercial snow removal companies rely on their equipment to get the job done quickly. Renting equipment can help you get the tools you need without adding extra line items to your budget.

Buying vs. Renting Snow Blades and Plows

New equipment is a major investment for most businesses, so it's important to make sure you can justify the cost. 

Because snow is seasonal, it's far more cost-effective for most companies to rent snowplows for the winter than it is to buy. In addition to the lower upfront investment, you also don't have to pay to store it in the off-season. Your rental provider will also take care of maintenance and repairs for you.

You can use your rental period to try out new equipment before adding it to your permanent fleet, which can help you make sure you're choosing the right plow. Many rental dealerships also offer rent-to-own plans, so you can pay off your investment over time once you know it's the machine you want.

Tips for Renting Snowplows and Attachments

When you're looking to rent equipment, it's important to take steps to maximize your rental. These tips can help you ensure you have the best rental experience possible.

Match the Equipment to the Job

Whether you're renting snow removal equipment or you're buying it new, it's important to match the machine to your application — especially when you're dealing with winter weather.

Some important questions to consider when choosing rental equipment include:

  • What type of project are you working on?
  • What are you doing with the snow after removal?
  • What is the site surface like?
  • How big is the site?
  • What attachments will you need?

For instance, choose smaller blade attachments for less demanding jobs that require more precision, such as driveways and sidewalks. Larger angle blades are available for more demanding snow removal tasks.

If you need expert advice, you can always ask the dealership staff. They know their equipment inside and out, so you can count on them to guide you toward the best products for the job while remaining within your budget.

Compare Rental Providers

While each rental provider charges different rates for the same piece of equipment, it's important to look at more than the price tag. A good dealership will offer additional services and benefits that help you get the most out of your rental, such as:

  • Operator training
  • On-site service 
  • Flexible contracts
  • Large equipment inventory
  • Self-serve portals
  • Emergency service

It's also important to look for a dealership that has multiple locations, so you can reduce the amount of distance you need to transport your equipment. 

Why Rent Snow Removal Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store?

Finding the right rental dealership to work with goes beyond getting the specific model you need at a good price. Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect to gain when you choose The Cat® Rental Store as your rental equipment dealer:

  • Extensive dealer network: We have more than 1,300 locations worldwide, so there's bound to be a dealer within a reasonable distance of your job site. Our network also lets us source equipment that may be unavailable in your area.
  • 24/7 emergency support: We offer round-the-clock emergency support from qualified technicians, so we're here for you even if you run into a snag in the middle of the night.
  • Unmatched flexibility: Whether you need a short-term rental for a specific job or a long-term arrangement for the whole season, we'll work with you to create a rental plan that meets your specific needs. Plus, the Customer Portal lets you access all your rental details from one convenient location — extend your contract, request on-site service and more all within the portal.
  • Large inventory: We're your one-stop shop for all your winter equipment needs. Our wide selection includes the latest models from Caterpillar as well as equipment from over 70 other top brands

Rent Specialized Snow Removal Equipment From The Cat Rental Store

Get your business ready for winter with industry-leading rental equipment from The Cat Rental Store's dealers. They will work with you to understand your specific needs and pain points, so they can help you find the perfect match for your application. 

Ready to get started? Contact us online to request a quick quote, or find your nearest location to speak with a representative.