Single Drum Roller vs. Double Drum Roller

Single Drum Roller vs. Double Drum Roller

If your projects require surface preparation, you may benefit from using a road roller. These massive machines can flatten uneven ground quickly and efficiently to prepare them for paving. They consist of solid drums that roll over and compact soil and other loose materials. These machines are available in one-drum or two-drum configurations, which both offer specific advantages and disadvantages.

What Is a Single Drum Roller?

As the name indicates, this roller consists of one steel drum at the front of the machine. It also features two pneumatic tires installed on the rear, which provide excellent stability and traction when navigating rough terrain. The operator sits atop the roller in a centrally located cab. The single drum roller is also smaller than its double drum counterpart.

Typical single drum applications include road construction, leveling ground for sidewalks and driveways, preparing sites for building foundations and compacting soil, gravel and asphalt in smaller areas.

What Is a Double Drum Roller?

These rollers have drums at the front and back of the machine that serve as compactors and wheels. Unlike its single drum roller counterpart, double drum rollers have no tires. The drums are located underneath the body, enabling the operator to compact materials from in front and behind simultaneously.

Double drum rollers are generally used for asphalt compaction tasks that require more speed and power, such as when flattening and paving large sections of a highway during road construction projects.

Choosing Between a Single Drum and Double Drum Roller

A comparison between the two roller types can help you make the right choice for your projects:

  • Efficiency: The double roller's design generates more power and enables you to flatten twice the surface area at once. Twin drum models also have larger, more robust engines than single rollers. Consider the double drum roller if your job requires maximum power and efficiency, such as when performing heavy-duty asphalt applications or compacting soil sub-bases.
  • Control: The rear tires make a single drum roller easier to maneuver and provide more traction on uneven surfaces. This roller type also has a more compact design, providing more control when working in confined areas.
  • Versatility: In general, a single drum roller can work well for a wider variety of projects. However, the front-heavy design could prevent it from rolling over some surfaces.

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