Tips for Starting a Demolition Business

Tips for Starting a Demolition Business

It takes more than being a talented contractor to run a successful demolition business. Before taking on clients, it's essential that you have the machines, tools and resources you need to achieve your construction goals and take on practically any demolition job.

What Do You Need to Start a Demolition Business?

Like any other construction company, a demolition business requires a certain amount of resources for startup. Through the following tips, you'll learn about the equipment you need for your own demolition business, along with other considerations that'll help your business thrive.

Heavy Equipment

First and foremost, it's vital to have a versatile fleet of heavy equipment on the job site to maximize your demolition capabilities and project options. Some of the most popular machines for demolition companies include:

  • Excavators: These earthmoving vehicles use a bucket, arm, tracks and rotating cab to deliver superior digging power.
  • Compact track loaders: You can use these compact machines for digging, grading, loading and transporting materials through rough terrain.
  • Skid steer loaders: Skid loaders are ideal for navigating tight spaces and are compatible with many versatile attachments.
  • Dozers: No demolition site is complete without a bulldozer. These robust machines can handle land clearing, ripping, grading, sloping and more.
  • Backhoe loader: Backhoe loaders use a front bucket and backhoe to perform small demolition tasks like digging, lifting and pushing materials.
  • Wheel loaders: These tractor-like machines are used for earthmoving applications like loading and moving substances like dirt, sand and gravel.
  • Feller bunchers: You can undertake forestry and landscaping demolition jobs with feller bunchers, which cut, grip and move trees for woodland clearing.

Small-Scale Equipment

Though heavy machinery is essential for every demolition business, you'll also need smaller equipment like hand-held power tools and other basic machines on the job site. These portable devices are excellent for small-scale commercial jobs and residential projects.

You should consider investing in the following small equipment for your demolition business:

  • Jackhammers
  • Concrete cutters
  • Cutting torches
  • Grinders
  • Sledgehammers
  • Shovels
  • Wire strippers
  • Grapples

Demolition Crew

To tackle numerous projects at once, you'll need a reliable crew on your side. Some companies choose to hire specially trained workers with experience operating specific equipment, while others rely on general construction laborers who will work for lower wages than highly trained tradespeople.

Licenses and Permits

To become a demolition contractor, it's crucial to obtain all required licenses before performing services. Though these certifications often vary by area, such as state, county and municipality, most jobs will require a demolition license or permit, while others may call for a letter of credit or performance bond. Be sure to research the necessary documentation in your location.

Why Rent Equipment for Your Demolition Business?

If you're looking to purchase heavy equipment for your demolition work, consider investing in rental machines. Renting construction equipment serves many advantages over buying, including:

  • Eliminating repair costs.
  • Saving on storage.
  • Adjusting to meet volume demands.
  • Performing job-specific applications.
  • Controlling project costs.
  • Using the latest technologies.
  • Improving cash flow.
  • Trying before you buy.

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