Tips for Renting a Trailer

Tips for Renting a Trailer

A trailer is a versatile piece of equipment that you can use to expand storage capabilities on a job site. If you're thinking of investing in a rental for your next project, it's a good idea to plan ahead and consider all your options beforehand. Here are some trailer rental tips to keep in mind as you search for the ideal solution.

Consider the Type of Trailer You Need

You can manage operations and costs more effectively by choosing the trailer that best suits your needs. With trailers of all types to choose from, you should narrow down the options according to the job's demands.

Will you use the trailer as an office or shelter space or to store building materials? Are you working on a smaller or larger project? These are important questions to ask while considering the kind of trailer you need.

Make Sure You Have the Appropriate Insurance

Anything can happen when you rent a piece of equipment. In the case of unforeseen accidents or damages, having rental insurance is critical.

Before you choose a trailer, make sure you have the appropriate insurance and that it's up to date. This will help protect your business's finances so you can rest easy throughout the project.

Get a Vehicle That Can Tow the Trailer

If you plan to rent a trailer for a specific job, you also need a vehicle that's capable of towing it from place to place. Large trailers call for heavy-duty trucks, while smaller trailers may be towable with a smaller vehicle.

If you don't already have the vehicle for the job, you'll need to rent a second piece of equipment. This is another reason to make sure you choose a rental that meets your exact specifications.

Choose an Option That Fits Your Budget

If you're like most fleet managers, your applications revolve around finances. Every transaction needs to fit into a specific budget.

Trailer rentals help cut fleet costs by allowing you to pay for the time that you need them. Many dealers, such as The Cat® Rental Store, offer flexible daily, weekly, monthly and even long-term rental options.

Decide on Pickup or Delivery

Rental dealers often offer pickup and delivery services to make the retrieval process as convenient as possible. Before setting terms and making a deal, it's important to talk with your local dealer and find out what options they have available to help save you time and money. Delivery services could provide a major advantage if you're rushing to finish a task.

Select High-Quality Utility Trailer Brands

Your trailers transport valuable, essential items. It's crucial to partner with a rental provider that offers superior products you can trust for your most demanding hauling applications.

The Cat Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality OEM utility trailer brands that deliver reliable results. We feature an assortment of models from Towmaster, a reputable manufacturer that's been providing the best-built trailers for professional haulers for more than 40 years. Towmaster is now part of Monroe Truck Equipment, a leading truck equipment manufacturer and distributor since 1958. 

You'll find utility trailers in deck lengths and weights to meet any hauling application. All models consist of a superior design and advanced components, ensuring maximum safety and ease of use. Use them with confidence when transporting earthmoving machines and other heavy equipment, such as backhoe loadersexcavatorsbulldozers and motor graders

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