Educational Facilities Rental Equipment

Educational Facilities Rental Equipment

Primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities, and other educational facilities are environments of learning and growth for students. Administrators, staff, parents and students value a learning environment that is safe, clean and comfortable, which includes areas inside the facility and throughout campus.

The Cat® Rental Store is proud to provide facilities management rental equipment to many schools around the U.S. Our Cat dealers maintain rental fleets full of durable and reliable equipment for any maintenance, upkeep or facility improvement project. Renting from the Cat dealer network is a cost-effective way to get the equipment you need on a short-term basis. Colleges can benefit from campus maintenance equipment rentals in a variety of ways.

Maximize Space

Campus maintenance rental machinery helps you maximize space by eliminating the need for long-term storage. If you need a piece of equipment for a short-term project, it's easy to use the equipment until you're finished and then return it at the end of the term.

Since the rental provider takes care of storage, you'll still have plenty of room for the college's other equipment and assets when you've completed the project.

Save Money

With renting, you can forego the major upfront investment and pay for the time you need the equipment. This payment structure makes renting an excellent choice for short-term maintenance jobs and emergency replacements.

You can also save money by reducing long-term operational and ownership costs. If you need a piece of equipment for a certain amount of time, you can enjoy its benefits in the form of a rental for as long as necessary. At The Cat® Rental Store, we even offer repairs and maintenance for our rentals.

Rent at Any Time

If a piece of equipment breaks down or you need a specific machine in short order, renting is a quick way to find what you're looking for. Instead of having to wait, you can rent a piece of maintenance equipment and have it delivered in a timely manner.

Renting locally makes it easy to access high-quality equipment whenever you need it. Reputable suppliers of campus maintenance equipment ensure their rentals are durable and up to date so clients can use them with confidence.

Stay Compliant

Compliance is crucial, especially when you work on a campus where other people live and attend classes every day. You need to make sure your job quality is up to standard and that the equipment you're using meets safety regulations.

Because rental dealers maintain and inspect their own equipment, it's already compliant when it leaves the dealer lot. Without the responsibility of maintaining compliance for rental equipment, you can save time on campus projects and lower your overall costs.

Our Rental Equipment for Educational Facilities

The Cat Rental Store displays rental equipment for schools covering several areas, from facility maintenance to outdoor projects.

The building's cleanliness is important for facility upkeep. For the flooring, we have floor scrubbers and walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers that keep hallways and classrooms pristine and are quiet enough to run during school hours. If you need tools for in-depth cleaning, our cold water pressure washers remove mold and dirt from hard surfaces, and hot water pressure washers tackle tough or dried-on substances. We also have air compressors to power your equipment.

Comfort is also important for students and staff in educational facilities. If your facility has a temporary HVAC loss, we can connect you to climate control equipment like forced air heaters, fans and air movers to keep the classroom or hallway at a comfortable temperature. You can also rent portable toilets and restroom trailers for sports games and fundraising events, or as a temporary solution during restroom construction.

If you need rental equipment for landscaping and lawn care, offerings available through The Cat Rental Store include a wide selection of landscaping equipment, including grading machinery for stone driveway maintenance and ride-on trenchers for digging. If your construction project changes standard traffic routes, use our variable message boards and arrow panels to help students and staff navigate the parking lot or campus.

For major construction projects such as renovations and add-ons, several material handling equipment options are available. Rent an aerial work platform for overhead tasks or a telehandler for roofing installation.

Advantages of Choosing The Cat® Rental Store

Educational facilities need reliable rental equipment, and The Cat Rental Store can deliver. We have more than 1,300 dealers around the world to help your school get the rental machinery it needs and provide maintenance and support during your rental.

Many Cat rentals include up-to-date features and technology to deliver exceptional efficiency. Before checkout, your partnering dealer will inspect your equipment to ensure it meets our high performance standards. You can also expect rental agreements that are easy to understand and flexible enough to meet any project timeline. You can rent at daily, weekly or monthly rates, or request another long-term arrangement.

Request a Quote for Your Educational Facilities Rental Equipment

When you need to source rental equipment for educational facilities, choose The Cat Rental Store. Browse our rental equipment online and call 1-800-RENT-CAT to learn more about the options available through our expansive dealer network. If you already know what you need, use our online form to request a quote today.

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