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Do you have access to all the heavy equipment you need for specialized projects? At our locations throughout Mississippi, you can rent a machine or work tool at any time from a huge selection of Cat® equipment and additional OEM product lines. Our rentals and support services will keep your operations safe, efficient and compliant every day.

We work with equipment from more than 70 manufacturers so that we can deliver fast solutions to landscaping, utility and construction workers all over the world. We also serve a variety of local communities by providing equipment rentals in Mississippi, from Greenwood to Hattiesburg and beyond.

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Where to Find Equipment Rentals in Mississippi

At The Cat Rental Store, we know how important it is for industrial businesses to find accessible rental machinery at a reasonable price. Construction and earthworks projects require precision and strict adherence to certain specifications, which is why you need to be able to rent a piece of equipment that will meet these requirements.

Our dealers in Mississippi will guide you through the rental process quickly so you can focus on producing high-quality work for clients. Every piece of equipment has to meet a certain set of standards, and every one of our partners matters. No matter what type of attachment or machine you’re looking for, we have a cost-effective solution available at one of our Mississippi facilities.

When we say we have it all, we mean it. We’ll be happy to help you find any piece of equipment, whether it’s a telehandler, compactor, loader attachment, truck or aerial lift. These options are just a few of the types of equipment you can find by reaching out to the professionals at one of our conveniently placed locations. We also offer rentals that are designed to accommodate specific loads, project sizes and work environments.

Cost-Effective Solutions From The Cat® Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store is an excellent place to find rentals that are equally durable and economical. If you work in the Mississippi heavy equipment industry, you likely need reliable rental solutions sometimes. For instance, you may want to save time and money on a piece of machinery that you'll need for a limited amount of time. Renting is also a great way to test out a piece of equipment that you’re thinking of buying in the future.

The other benefit of renting equipment is that you’ll be responsible for it only during the rental period. After that period is over, you’ll be able to return the product with no strings attached. We also offer repairs, training and support so that you can feel more confident managing and operating your rental.

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If you’re ready to invest in an equipment rental in Mississippi, we’ll help you find the ultimate solution. We have huge inventories of products at our local facilities, and our representatives are available to answer questions at any time. Request a quote or stop by one of our dealer locations to learn more.

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