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At The Cat® Rental Store, we work with fleet managers in North Carolina and all over the globe who need specialized or last-minute heavy equipment solutions. Our local dealers carry a wide variety of North Carolina rental equipment that's optimized and inspected regularly, ensuring that it adheres to quality and safety standards.

We maintain a massive inventory of Cat equipment and other solutions from more than 70 reputable brands. As the world’s largest provider of rental equipment, we offer machinery and work tool attachments to construction workers, utility personnel, landscapers and more.

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Renting the piece of equipment you need will be easy once you partner up with The Cat Rental Store. We have more than a dozen locations in North Carolina that are dedicated to helping our clients find the heavy- and light-duty machinery they’re looking for. With an inventory full of equipment of different shapes, sizes and specifications, we’re accustomed to fitting businesses with solutions that work best for them.

The Cat Rental Store presents a fast and economical way to manage your rental equipment needs without forcing you to leave the state. We offer everything from aerial equipment and work tool attachments to roadwork equipment and material handling products, which means we're ready to meet any emergency replacement or short-term equipment needs you have.

We provide machinery designed for handling heavy loads, light loads, tough work environments and spatial limitations. As long as you have a job to do, our equipment will help you get it done faster. Just reach out to us, and we’ll work with you to develop the ideal rental arrangement.

Benefits of Working With The Cat® Rental Store

If you need an attachment or piece of machinery for the duration of a certain project or contract, renting may be a viable solution. Because your rentals will come right back to us after you’re finished with them, you can use our equipment without having to make any long-term maintenance or support commitments. We’ve worked with a broad range of industries on all types of projects, which arms us with the experience to make sure you receive the product that fits your exact specifications.

In addition to offering a huge selection of equipment, we make ourselves available to serve clients 24 hours a day. We can also provide onsite support and training to help you and your team feel confident as you manage and operate each piece of machinery. With access to our equipment rentals in North Carolina, you’ll be able to stay right on schedule while adhering to both quality and safety standards.


Several industries in North Carolina demand reliable heavy equipment, and The Cat Rental Store is ready to help with a wide selection of machinery for rent for virtually any short-term application. Whether you need a backhoe for earthmoving or an attachment to do more with your equipment, we have a solution for you. We serve many industries in North Carolina, including:


When you lose power or are working in a place without a reliable source, you need a rental power solution. The Cat Rental Store has electric power generators for rent to keep everything on your job site running smoothly. Our power generation solutions include:

  • Large generators
  • Towable generators
  • Natural gas generators
  • Trailer-mounted generators


Landscaping operations need heavy equipment to reduce overgrowth and remove brush and trees. This equipment is also applicable to any industry that involves clearing land for a project. Our landscaping equipment includes:

We also have compact equipment for forestry and landscaping, including:

You can fit these machines with work tool attachments like landscape rakesflail mowers and forestry mulchers to expand their capabilities.

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The Cat Rental Store is a huge source of rental equipment for industry leaders everywhere, and our North Carolina dealers make it easy to find fast, durable solutions. Request a quote or visit one of our locations today, and rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes.

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