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Forestry, construction and agriculture are essential to the economy in Washington. You rely on your heavy equipment to get the job done, but machines can break down at any time and result in downtime. Keep your operations moving forward with the help of The Cat® Rental Store. Our rental equipment will help you save money, ensure safety on the job site and increase productivity and efficiency. We have stores conveniently located throughout Washington to give you access to more options than ever before.

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About Our Rental Equipment Fleet in Washington

We know that part of your job as a fleet manager or contractor is to make sure all your machinery and crew members meet industry standards. At The Cat Rental Store, we have a comprehensive rental fleet with equipment from Caterpillar and a variety of other top manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a machine of a specific brand, size or capacity, we’re here to make sure you complete all your projects on time and meet high quality standards.

Our Washington dealers stock a wide variety of rental equipment options that feature innovative capabilities and benefits. For example, you can use our fleet to meet last-minute requirements for power supply, excavation, lifting and compacting. We make it easy to rent high-quality pumps, boom lifts, loaders, dozers, compactors, scissor lifts and more online or through your local store.


Working in the construction and earthmoving industries can be unpredictable. It’s important to prepare for any situation, including unexpected equipment failures and increases in demand. By partnering with a heavy equipment rental store that offers all the options and support you need, you can increase productivity and better prepare for emergencies.

Rental equipment can also help you save money. With the freedom to choose how long you want to use a piece of machinery, you can avoid long-term maintenance, storage and repair costs. At The Cat Rental Store, our technicians ensure that our rental equipment meets the highest standards so you can rent with complete confidence.

Washington Industries That Benefit From Rental Equipment

Clients in Washington need equipment rentals, and The Cat Rental Store delivers with solutions for short-term needs. The Cat Rental Store serves many sectors and industries in Washington with reliable, high-quality heavy equipment rentals. This machinery includes models from the industry-leading Caterpillar and more than 70 other manufacturers. Some of the industries we serve include:


Ranching and farming operations in the agriculture industry need to be able to move heavy loads and work the land for planting and harvesting. The Cat Rental Store has the equipment you need to make these tasks easier. Rent these equipment types today:


The construction industry has to complete jobs like hauling materials, digging ditches and pouring concrete. All of these tasks require reliable heavy machinery. We have a vast selection of equipment for general construction, including:


Choosing an equipment rental in Washington from The Cat Rental Store is a cost-effective way to keep your operations moving. Dealers provide solutions to support fleets of all specifications and requirements. At The Cat Rental Store, we make it easy to quickly find the equipment you’re looking for in our online inventory. You can also take advantage of our online and onsite support if you have any questions about your rental.


We’re dedicated to helping your business succeed by offering the highest quality rental equipment and reliable services and support. If you’re ready to grow your fleet, call us today at 1-800-RENT-CAT or request a quick quote online. You can also use our dealer locator to visit in person and find out what options are available in your area.

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