Cold vs. Hot Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are ideal for both residential and commercial settings and can be used for all kinds of tough cleaning tasks. Whether you're washing down your driveway or cleaning your construction site, one of these machines can make the job go much more quickly.

Pressure washers use either hot or cold water to clean surfaces. So how do you know when to choose a hot or cold water pressure washer? In this article, we'll discuss how each one works and which applications they are best suited for.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold water pressure washers are ideal for breaking up dirt and stains on a variety of surfaces, including concrete and metal. They are also preferred for wood and plastic, which can warp under high temperatures.

Whether you need to clean a deck or a piece of heavy equipment, any application that requires washing away mud, dirt and other debris can benefit from a cold water pressure washer. You may also be able to add detergent to speed up the cleaning process.

Cold water pressure washers are typically more compact in size than hot water pressure washers, and they also require less maintenance.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

For cleaning greasy or oily surfaces, you'll need a hot water pressure washer. Hot water is able to break down the molecular bonds in oil and grease for highly effective removal. They can heat water up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used to sanitize surfaces. They are also ideal for cold weather environments where frozen water lines can occur, and you can even use them to defrost surfaces.

Hot water pressure washers are typically larger and require more maintenance than cold water models. And because they must be continuously heated during operation, they need additional mechanical components and more fuel, which results in higher costs.

Which Type of Pressure Washer Should You Choose?

If you need to clean or sanitize greasy or oily surfaces, a hot water pressure washer is the best choice. Cold water pressure washers are not capable of removing these challenging materials to the extent that hot water models can, so a hot water pressure washer is worth the investment if you find yourself faced with this task on a regular basis.

When you just need to remove dirt and grime, cold water pressure washers can get the job done. They are ideal for use on driveways and walls, and they are easy to transport. With a lower price tag and minimal maintenance, they are an excellent choice for residential use and small or infrequent jobs.

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