Is Electrical Equipment Rental Right For You?

Taking on a project that requires more or different equipment than you currently own? Need temporary power during a transformer change-out or electrical upgrade? Capital in limited supply? These are just a few of the scenarios in which electrical contractors are finding rental to be the right solution.

Renting vs Buying

Renting is a great way to control costs, free up capital and build your business. Add capacity fast when demand peaks, job scope changes or you want to bid on a new job. Bring power wherever you need it. “Try before you buy” to see if new tools and technologies make sense for your business. All while leaving the worries and costs of depreciation, maintenance and storage to someone else.

Why Rent Electrical Equipment from the Cat® Rental Store?

From hoists, slings and winches to generators, load banks, electrical distribution equipment and more, you’ll find the widest range of Cat® machines plus tools and equipment from 70+ other manufacturers:

Every product is thoroughly checked, meticulously maintained and equipped with the latest technology to keep you working productively. And if you need advice on the best solution for your project, our trained electrical experts are available 24/7 to help with selection, operation, troubleshooting and more.

Electrical Equipment Brands From The Cat Rental Store

In addition to our Cat electrical equipment, The Cat Rental Store is proud to offer generators and other electrical equipment from a host of different manufacturers. We carry OEM brands such as TowerLight to provide the solutions you need for any circumstance, and we can help you determine which electrical equipment you should rent. 

TowerLight Rental Equipment

For more than two decades, TowerLight has produced power generators that are powerful enough for demanding jobs in the mining and construction industries. 

The company became a pioneer by creating the first light tower with a telescoping mast back in 2003. TowerLight is known for its long-lasting generators, portable equipment and light towers that integrate right into its energy solutions. Since getting its start in the European market, TowerLight went on to become world-renowned for its cutting-edge technology. The company continues to live up to its legacy by providing top-tier electrical equipment for numerous industries.

TowerLight electrical generators are built to rise to the challenges of the construction, energy and agricultural industries. With TowerLight generators, you can light up the night for road work, shine some light on dimly lit mines and allow your agricultural operations to go on no matter the hour of the day. 

Aside from power generators, TowerLight is also known for its accompanying portable equipment line and its energy-efficient light towers.

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