Lifts vs. Ladders

Lifts vs. Ladders

Which is better — a lift or ladder? You need to consider this question before taking on any construction or utility application. Project demands may require your operators to reach high places, and it's important to choose the piece of equipment that will allow them to work both safely and efficiently.

While a ladder can be an excellent tool for some hard-to-reach applications, the latest technology gives lift rentals an advantage in almost every situation. Versatility and sturdy designs are essential when you're working on high-demand projects, so consider these lift benefits before deciding on a lift or ladder.

Greater Capacity

Many aerial lifts are designed to hold bigger loads than their ladder counterparts. For example, some of the strongest ladders can handle between 300 and 350 pounds, while various lifts can carry workers and equipment that weigh up to 2,000 pounds. This greater level of capacity makes aerial lifts safer and more effective for larger applications. They also tend to be sturdier, which gives workers peace of mind as they take on new tasks.


Another benefit of lifts is that there are many different types available. Depending on the project you're working on, you can choose the kind of aerial work platform that meets your needs.

Some of the most common options include scissor lifts and boom lifts. While scissor lifts are ideal for lifting workers straight up so they can do window and building maintenance, boom lifts offer a safer and easier way to reach small spaces. Vertical personnel lifts are also effective for certain vertical applications.


Ladders can be bulky and clumsy, making them challenging to move around and transport on work sites. Lifts, on the other hand, tend to have better mobility. If you need to move your lift from one place to another, it's easy to maneuver it across a flat surface while maintaining operator safety.

Some lifts are even made to operate on uneven terrain, which gives them an advantage on outdoor job sites.

Security Features

Traditional ladders tend to be unstable, and they offer no safety net in the case of an accident. Most of today's personnel lifts are equipped with high-end safety features to protect operators from any risks.

With the proper safety gear and mechanisms, your workers can operate at almost any height without a high risk of injury. Some common features and items include safety harnesses, alarms, speed control and safety railings.

Lower Costs

Safety risks are liabilities, which tend to be expensive in the long run. By investing in aerial lift technology, you can protect your employees and finances at the same time. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen on-site, you can rent trustworthy equipment that will help prevent it. This extra level of security could provide a huge advantage for your budget, too.

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