All Your Rental Needs in One Place

All Your Rental Needs in One Place

You work hard to ensure every aspect of a job gets done well — so shouldn't your equipment do the same? Caterpillar is a market leader for a wide range of industries with a versatile array of Cat® machines. But did you know The Cat Rental Store also carries equipment from over 70 other manufacturers? This selection helps us become a one-stop-shop for whatever your project requires.

Maybe you're ready to go with your heavy machinery and find that you're missing something small but crucial. Those tools that support your work, like light towers, aerial lifts and utility trailers, are critical to certain tasks and can't be overlooked. However, while they might be necessary for one environment, they could just be an extra expense lying around in another. Renting these tools is a great way to get more flexibility and value out of them. Plus, when you rent with The Cat Rental Store, you can trust you're getting the best selection of tools.

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Our Collection of OEM Equipment

Many job sites need additional help to maneuver and handle materials and improve the environment. You'll likely need specialized equipment and versatile machines. Thankfully, our collection of products from 70+ equipment manufacturers helps us provide solutions for your specific needs. Some of our wide-reaching OEM tools include:

  • Aerial lifts: If you need to get somewhere high, our aerial lifts can get you and your equipment there. We have boom lifts, material lifts, scissor lifts and vertical personnel lifts.
  • Air tools: Our air tools include pneumatic equipment, like diggers, drills and hammers, along with both portable and stationary air compressors.
  • Compaction equipment: Rough terrain, soft soil and smooth asphalt are easy to manage with the right tools. We have plate compactors, rammers and ride-on and walk-behind rollers.
  • Concrete: Handling concrete can require an array of tools. We provide an assortment of concrete accessories, like buggies, grinders, drills, mixers, dumpers, saws and more.
  • Pressure washers: We have both cold and hot-water pressure washers, for whatever cleaning application presents itself.
  • Traffic control and roadwork: If your work takes you to the open road, some of the equipment we have to help include arrow panels, message boards, barricades, road wideners and windrow elevators.
  • Light towers: Many projects need to keep moving after nightfall, so we carry portable light towers to help you do so.
  • Forced-air heaters: If your job site entails cold temperatures, forced-air heaters can keep the ground from freezing and help your employees stay warm, improving efficiency.
  • Sweepers and scrubbers: With both ride-on and walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers in our arsenal, you can clean up in no time.

Produced for Any Industry

In each industry, we offer equipment and tools designed for the task at hand:

  • Agricultural: For machines that can work as hard as you do, The Cat Rental Store offers a selection of agricultural equipment to help you accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Some of our OEM products include brooms, landscaping equipment and compact utility equipment.
  • Paving and roadwork: While you've been working hard to pave the roads, we've been paving the way to high-quality products that support your work. We do so with an extensive collection of equipment for traffic control, concrete handling, light towers, power generation and more.
  • Landscaping: As a landscaper, speed and precision are essential. You need machines that can help you get unique jobs done right the first time. You also need equipment that can accomplish a variety of tasks at different locations. We have a collection of landscaping equipment and portable tools, like pressure washers and power generators.
  • Construction: If you're putting together the buildings of the future, you need high-quality equipment to support you. From aerial equipment to trench shoring equipment, our OEM products assist in construction jobs of all types.
  • Government: While working for federal, state or local government agencies, conserving resources and stretching a dollar are some of the most significant concerns. As a one-stop-shop for equipment and tools, The Cat Rental Store can help you save money while completing the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Quarry and mining: Miners know the value of strength and reliability. Mining and quarry work have unique machining requirements, and we can help meet these needs with specialized equipment like screening plants.
  • Forestry: The forestry industry contains several different sectors with a range of needs. Equipment such as tree spades, stump grinders and walk-behind trenchers are available, along with many more OEM machines for whatever task Mother Nature has set in front of you.

More Than 70 Equipment Brands

Many businesses use Cat machines and OEM solutions as part of their everyday workflow. Between specialized machines and parts, OEM solutions can help you get the job done in almost any environment, and they are available from the same people you trust for traditional Cat equipment.

All of the benefits of our Cat and OEM solutions are available through our rental store. Renting equipment can provide unique advantages for your operation. You can cut repair and resale costs while budgeting more predictably for your machinery. Plus, you don't need to store your machines when you're not using them, saving on space and maintenance. You also get the latest technology when you work with The Cat Rental Store.

With so many different products, The Cat Rental Store offers incredible flexibility. If your project needs to change rapidly, rentals work exceptionally well. Our OEM products support work in any number of tasks and environments, and rentals allow you to adapt as necessary. You can rent machines to use as much or as little as you need — and if you need one permanently, we offer purchasing options as well.

The Cat Rental Store Can Help You Find the Right Equipment

When you partner with The Cat Rental Store, you get the expertise of our highly trained staff on your side. Tell us about your project, and we can help identify the best equipment for the job. By using high-quality tools, you can improve the safety, efficiency and quality of the task at hand. We offer more than just equipment — we also provide unparalleled support with expert staff and high-quality products.

With over 1,300 locations around the world, a Cat Rental Store is always nearby. Convenience and world-class customer service come with every rental, helping you find versatile and effective equipment. To make your next project more flexible and efficient, pair up with The Cat Rental Store. Find your nearest store today to learn more about renting equipment.

Rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes.

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